What I carry with me everyday

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I’m not really a handbag type of girl, but I do like to carry a few essentials with me in my rucksack. For my Blogtober day 11 post, I list what I carry with me everyday.

My Blogtober prompts list

In addition to the usual wallet, money, phone, tissues, I also like to have the following with me at all times:

  • Notebook and diary: I currently have the Moleskine pocket 2018 week-to-view diary in yellow. It has one page for days of the week, and a page for notes.
  • KeepCup: handy to have when I’m out and about and I want a coffee – good for the environment too.
  • A selection of tablets: for my pains
  • Multi-tool card: this slots in my toolbelt on my Moleksine, and it includes a pen, toothpick, and nail file as well as lots of other useful gadgets.
  • Earphones: for when I want to ring someone, or listen to music or a Podcast.
  • Sweets: usually Gin Gins gingers, liquorice or mints. I find these can help settle my stomach if I’m feeling anxious or help me manage my IBS and hiatus hernia pains.
  • A clip-on light: safety first, and especially handy now it’s darker in the morning and evenings.
  • A drink: usually some juice in my SHO bottle, handy to have when I need to take some tablets.
  • Kindle: I don’t like to drain my phone battery so carry this too as it’s very light and slim.

What do you carry with you everyday?


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