Wellbeing Wisdom: appreciating the small things

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If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll have noticed that I didn’t publish my usual Sunday blog post this week. In all honesty, I hadn’t quite finished the post I had planned to publish, and I didn’t want to rush it for the sake of it. So I took the pressure off myself and decided to have a week off. Instead, I thought I’d do another of my Wellbeing Wisdom posts and talk about appreciating the small things.

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For one reason and another my pain has been bad this last week. I won’t go in to lots of detail, but it’s been an emotional week due to winning two awards at work (I was so overwhelmed); I’ve done more travel than usual; plus the cold weather has had a huge impact – more than I realised it did.

I’ve tried to manage my pain as best I could, by doing lots of walking, and resting wherever possible. Getting comfy has been hard, and the usual story of avoiding one pain kicks off another.

To help me cope as mentally well as I could, I tried to focus on some of the small things which helps put things in to perspective, and always help me get through the tough pain times.

Here are just 4 of them…

1. Time to read my book

I love reading. It’s one of the biggest pain distraction techniques that I have in my pain management toolbox. I always read non-fiction books as I love to learn new things, as well as read about some fascinating topics that I never normally come across in my day-to-day life.

I often find that my mind wanders when I read though, as I’m often thinking about other things. Something will often pop in my head, and if I don’t write it down straight away, I forget it. I put this down to having a very poor short-term memory, so I make the most of my notes app on my phone or my pen and diary next to me to capture important things so I don’t forget them.

But this week, I’ve had a good few reading sessions where I have done nothing but focus on the words on the pages in front of me – I’m actually reading a paperback at the moment, rather than my beloved Kindle. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being absorbed by my book and it’s helped me switch off, and helped me not focus on my pain. Win win!

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2. Licking the bowl after baking

I’m not a good baker by any means. My skillset is very limited when it comes to baking and making cakes and biscuits. I decided to have a go at baking some chocolate oat biscuits as I really fancied getting creative in the kitchen. Plus, my pain was extremely bad at the time, and cooking is something I can easily do standing up.

I absolutely love licking the bowl and eating up the cake mixture. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve always done it. I just love the taste of it and it always makes me happy.

9 of my oat chocolate biscuits on a cooling rack
My oat chocolate biscuits

3. An oat milk coffee

I spoke about one of my goals a while back where I am trying new ingredients and foods each week. I’m doing pretty well at this at the moment, as you may have seen on my Instagram page.

I don’t often go out for a coffee, but at the moment, when I do, I am trying different milks, instead of the usual semi-skimmed milk. And the other day I tried an oat milk latte and it was delicious!

4. A surprise postcard in the post

I love getting post – always have done and always will. My best friend sent me a “You’re a star” postcard to pop on my desk to remind me on my bad days that I’m a star. I thought this was amazing and so so thoughtful.

"You're a star" postcard yellow stars on a pink background
I love this postcard!

Your thoughts

What small things have you appreciated lately?

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2 thoughts on “Wellbeing Wisdom: appreciating the small things

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Not pushing it to do the usual post was a good move (practicing self-care!) and this is a great post. I’ve come to notice and appreciate the small things so much more since chronic illness changed the playing field. I’m sorry you’ve had a tough time of things with pain flaring more the past week but you’re right about how these smaller things can help us manage the tough times, and just get through the day to day too. I’ve never tried oat milk but I do like the sound of it. Will have to add it to my list for the next time I go to the supermarket. Does it taste okay to drink on its own?
    That’s such a cute card, and such a lovely idea! I seem to be getting a lot of junk mail from Lib Dems and conservatives lately in the run up to the election and that’s about it ?
    Caz xx

    • Alice says:

      Aww thanks Caz. That made me feel better about prioritising my self-care. If you try Oat milk, go for the Oatly one. The cream one is certainly nice to drink on it’s own. I’ve got the grey one – Oatly Barista – for my coffee, but not tired it yet. If you mix the cream carton one in coffee it splits ? Haha – bloody junk mail ? xx

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