The worst things about autumn

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I talked about my favourite things about autumn on day 2 of my Blogtober challenge, so here are the worst things about autumn, in my opinion anyway.

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I hate them. As the weather starts to get cooler and wetter they start coming in to the house.


I have two Westies who are terrified of fireworks. The bangs and high pitched noises drive them (and us) crazy. They constantly bark whenever they hear them and we dread this time of year every year.

My car tax, MOT/service and insurance is due

It’s an expensive time for bills this season: all my car expenses are due at once. I’m usually prepared as I save throughout the year to cover the costs, but still, I’d rather be spending that money on something a bit more exciting.

Dog poop is harder to see

As much as I love the colours of the autumn leaves and the crisp leaf sound under my feet, I hate the fact that dog poop is even harder to see in the autumn months. So many people don’t pick up after their dog ( I can rant about this all day) and the stuff is just camouflaged amongst the brown leaves.

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Darker nights and mornings

There can’t be that many people that like the darker nights and mornings. I’m certainly not one of them. Already I am finding it harder to get up in the morning. The only thing I like is that I can usually sleep in longer in a morning, but to be honest, I’d rather be up and doing stuff when I can.

What’s the worst things about autumn for you?

Look out for my Blogtober day 5 post tomorrow where I post another of my weekly gratitude posts.


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