My physio session: a spanner in the works

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Last week I went to see a physio for my neck pain. If you have read some of my previous blog posts you will know that this pain has been getting worse lately. I was simply expecting a few recommended exercises that would loosen my neck muscles, as they are extremely tight, and perhaps a deep tissue type massage as well.?But no.

My physio session: a spanner in the works

What actually happened

After the initial assessment and obligatory questions to help my physio understand my issues, I had some treatment to ?unlock? me. This basically involved some chiropractic-type cracking and manipulation. I wasn?t expecting this at all. It was also very painful and uncomfortable.

I also had to do a workout session using the clinic?s gym facilities. Thankfully I was dressed for the ocassion. This wasn?t painful but it was exhausting and pretty tough as I haven?t done a proper workout in a long time.

But what surprised me the most is that they didn?t ask me to go back for another appointment. I was told that until I build up my muscle strength then they can do all the manipulation in the world, but it won?t stay in place because my muscles are too weak.

The spanner in the works

The physios (I saw two of them because the first one couldn?t ?unlock? my neck it was that tight) said that the abnormal sitting I have been doing for the last 5 years has basically put everything out of alignment. And the removal of my coccyx has affected my nerves as well. Great!

So from now on I have to learn to sit normally again – no leaning forwards, to the side, or lifting up my coccyx area – so that I don?t cause any long-term problems elsewhere in my body. I did kinda know this would happen over time, but until my neck pain started causing me some serious issues, I just used my different ways of sitting as a pain management method to avoid my coccyx/lower back pain.

What I can do to help myself

For starters I need to get over the embarrassment of using my coccyx cut-out cushion and need to use it much more than what I do. Currently I have one in the car, and one to use on my sofa or when at the dining table. From now on I need to take it with me when I go out, or to friend?s houses, or wherever I go and have to sit, basically.

As requested by my physio, I have also joined the gym and I need to make sure I go. I asked if I can cause anymore damage to my neck and the answer was no; anything I can do will be beneficial.

My physio session: a spanner in the works 1

The fancy gym band from Bannatyne Health Club

I can also feel myself starting to dwell and think about things, and this can easily lead to a downward negative spiral, which is the last thing I need right now. I need to keep reminding myself of my ten ways to cope with chronic pain advice that I published earlier this week.

I will also need to lie-down much more than what I do. Lying down naturally makes me tired and there isn?t too much you can do when lying down. But even when I?m watching TV, scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, or writing my blog on my phone, then doing it lying down with be another at to help me manage my pain.

I will be writing about my gym sessions and how I get on.

What spanners in the works have you had in relation to your chronic pain?

Have you found physio helpful?

Do you go to the gym to help your chronic pain?

Feel free to comment or get in touch and let me know ?

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