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I?m back from my blogging break – so much has happened!

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I’m back from my blogging break and so much has happened in these past few weeks. Although I was reluctant to stop posting on my blog, I felt I needed time to get some posts written and get ahead with my blogging schedule. Having chronic pain and keeping up with my blog can be very challenging and I wasn’t feeling in control of things. And boy am I glad I gave myself some time out as things have been pretty stressful. There has also been some really good stuff too – if you decide to read no further I’d love it if you’d please vote for me in the Bloggers Bash Awards!

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Food poisoning

I went out for a meal with my partner and a group of friends and all 5 of us were ill in some way. I was the worst, and I felt really poorly for a good 48 hours, even having to take time off work.

My Dad may have cancer

This is really difficult to write about so I won’t go in to a lot of detail, but my Dad is having some tests to see if he has cancer. I’m doing everything I can to help both my Dad and my Mum and fulfilling my daughter duties. I am being strong for them but it really is a lot to process and I’m not too sure how I’m supposed to cope with it all but just taking one day at a time until we know more.

I’ve been on holiday

Although I felt so guilty going away, my Mum and Dad insisted we didn’t cancel our holiday. There was nothing more I could do even if I did stay at home so my partner and I went to Rhodes for a week of sun and relaxation. It was just what we both needed. It was so nice to not have to do anything. We went all inclusive so had plenty of food and drink but neither of us went mad. I read a couple of excellent books and managed to switch off from reality for a short time. The mental rest was just as important as the physical rest.

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I think I’m getting poorly

I’ve come back from my holiday, and in typical fashion, I relaxed that much that I think I’m now getting poorly. I’ve started with a cold sore (which is the first sign of me being run down) and keep going from being freezing cold to being extremely hot and sweating. I’m literally writing this blog post lying down in bed.

My pain has been pretty ok (until now)

Despite having to cancel a few physio appointments because of taking my Dad to hospital, and travelling to Rhodes and back, my pain has been pretty ok. I’ve had a few flare-ups but only today I am really struggling with it. I feel that the relaxing holiday has had a big impact and I always say that alcohol helps relax me, so the all inclusive drinks have come in handy. I knew I’d have a lot to deal with when I got back home but I think this has caused some muscle tension and has made my pains worse. I’ve had some physio which makes things worse before it gets better. My back is taped up again to take the tension off certain muscles in my neck.

My 2018 goals are back on track

Going away gave me time to reflect on my 2018 goals as I know I’ve slipped with some of them. I’ll be writing an update blog post soon, but I’m more focussed than ever in terms of my health and fitness goals and I plan to:

  • Walk 10,000 steps a day
  • Hit my Apple Watch ‘move’ goal every day in April
  • Drink more flavoured water rather than juice (I enjoyed this on my holiday)
Apple Watch achievement badge image

The Apple Watch achievement I?m aiming to achieve this month (if I don?t get poorly)

I’ve been nominated for a Blogger Bash Award

I saw that the votes were open for the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards and to my amazement I spotted that I have been nominated for the Most Informative (Original Content) Blogger. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve only been blogging just over 6 months and it is incredible to be recognised in this way.

I’d love it if you would click here and vote for me ?

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7 thoughts on “I?m back from my blogging break – so much has happened!

  1. Nicola J Ogston says:

    Glad you had a great holiday. I?m so sorry to hear about your dad?s health concerns. Congratulations on the award nomination., I?m off to cast my vote for you.
    N xox
    Ps glad to see you back

  2. Hayley says:

    Congratulations on your nomination. Very well deserved. Sorry that you?re having a lot to deal with at the moment though. I really hope everything is ok. It is excellent that despite all this you?re planning to stick to your goals. Good work ??

  3. Fancy says:

    An awful lot here went on for you x good and tough. Best of luck to your dad and I hope it all comes ok xx
    Welcome back to the blog world and congrats on your nomination!! Xx

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