How my Kindle helps me manage my chronic pain

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I’ve had a Kindle for as long as I’ve had my chronic pain and I absolutely love it. It’s easy to hold, easy to use, and helps me manage my chronic pain

I can get comfy lying down

If you’re familiar with my story and regularly read my blog posts, you’ll know that I have pain when I sit down. (If you want to know more read this blog post.) Therefore I spend a lot of my time lying down to help me manage my pain. There aren’t too many things that are practical to do when lying down, but reading is one of them. I can lie down for so long holding a paperback book, but after a while I’m not very comfy. But with a Kindle I can get comfy lying down and read for hours.

I can use one hand, two hands, or no hands

One thing that I love about my Kindle is that I can hold it with one hand, two hands, rest it on a cushion, or lay it down flat and still read it ok. This allows a lot more flexibility in getting comfy and ultimately it means I can manage my pain much better.

It’s lightweight

I chose the Kindle Voyage because it was a fairly modern version and was both the lightest and smallest of the Kindles. I love my gadgets so I wanted something that had a few functions as well as being the most practical to suit my needs. I carry my Kindle about with me in my rucksack and I don’t even notice it; even with a case on it, it is still extremely light and portable.

Books are a great distraction

Any type of reading, whether it is a paperback, hardback, a Kindle, or even some online document or blog posts, is a fantastic distraction to help cope and manage chronic pain. It takes you away from reality and helps you switch off from things. And if you love non-fiction and self-development books like I do, then you can learn something at the same time, which is a huge boost mentally.

Reading helps me sleep

Getting a good night sleep is crucial when it comes to pain management. If you don’t get the proper rest you need, then managing chronic pain can be even more difficult. When I read before bed I generally fall asleep quicker and get a better nights sleep.

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Your thoughts

Do you have a Kindle?

How do you find it compared to proper books?

Does it help you cope with your chronic pain?

I love reading non-fiction books – what non-fiction books do you recommend?

Thank you for reading
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