Home equipment to help you manage your chronic pain

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Everyone’s chronic pain is different depending on the causes, symptoms, how your body reacts, and how you cope. Some people prefer to use prescribed medication to help reduce their pain, and some people choose to use alternative therapy and treatment to try and manage their pain better. But what about the different types of home equipment to help you manage your chronic pain and make life easier?

These items won’t address the source of the pain but they can help us cope better at home and help us have more independence to do everyday things.

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The type of equipment you may need will depend on what your pain is, what you struggle to do at home, and obviously your available budget will have a say in the matter too.

Where you invest your money could be the best decision you’ve ever made to help yourself cope better with your pain and to help you carry on doing things by yourself, or even to help you do the things you enjoy.

If you struggle to bend and pick things off the floor, a grabber will be vital. If you struggle to get up and down the stairs, then a stairlift will be life-changing. If you regularly have a bath, comfort will be key and bath cushions are a little affordable luxury that can make all the difference.

Examples of the equipment I use at home

My main issue is sitting and posture related, so I need equipment that helps to reduce my pain when I do everyday things. I also enjoy chilling on the sofa and watching films and TV, and writing my blog on my laptop. So I need home equipment that will help me do this much more comfortably.

I have been prepared to spend money on two of the same items (for both my home and my car) to help me make life easier. I use a coccyx cut-out cushion when sitting at home and when travelling, so I wanted one for the house and one for the car. This meant that I didn’t have to think about remembering to take it with me, or to bring it back in the house. My energy and time were focussed on more important things.

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I use a laptop cushion to help ensure my posture is correct when writing my blog. And when things get too painful to sit, I lie down and use other home things to help me make sure I can get comfy – cushions, iPad stand, heat packs etc.

I also now use an ergonomic pillow to help myself in bed. This helps keep me as comfy as possible and means I don’t pull my neck and upper back muscles and cause more pain.

I treated myself to a bath pillow a while back and I am so much comfier in the other and the means I can help myself manage my pain much better.

Other examples of available equipment

When you start looking online for ideas of what is available, it is both amazing and impressive to see so much useful equipment that people have thought of and designed. Here are some examples:

  • Two handed cups
  • Finger forks
  • Easy-to-hold brushes for putting make-up on
  • Braces and support belts
  • Handles and rails
  • Magnet bra clasps
  • Toilet seat raisers (this was vital after my surgery)
  • Equipment to help you get dressed
  • Mobility frames and trolleys
  • Steppers
  • Stands and clamps

The list goes on.

There will most likely be something out there to help you; you may need to do your research or get a bit creative to find the best solution.

Support with funding

If you live in the UK, you may be entitled to receive a grant or help with funding via your local council for certain home equipment. This includes things like stairlifts, improving room access, ramps, and adapting heating and light controls. Full details are on the GOV.UK website.

Your thoughts

What home equipment do you have for your chronic pain?

What equipment can you recommend for others?

Did you manage to get any funding support to hep you buy it?

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Thank you for reading

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