Happy 1 year Blogiversary to me: what I’ve learned and achieved in my first 12 months of blogging

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Yesterday marked my one year Blogiversary. Wow! I’ve been blogging for one year. That still sounds surreal as it only feels like yesterday that I set up my little blog project and started writing posts about my life with chronic pain. Generally, I start new things but don’t stick to them. But with my blog, I have. I’m proud to say that I’ve learned so much in a year and am actually quite chuffed with some of my posts and the feedback I have had.

Here’s a summary of my first year of blogging.

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In 12 months I have published 92 posts. I started off with two a week, dropped to one a week, increased to three a week, and now publish two posts a week, with a third if there’s a lot to write about or I have a collaborative post to publish.

I’ve had over 11,000 visits to my site. Some of these are returning visitors of course, but that is a good thing – people must like what I write about.

I’ve had over 23,000 page views.

I’ve also had 3600+ spam comments, but my plugins deal with those for me soI don’t have to worry about them.

These stats may seem small compared to some blogs, but to me they’re impressive.

“Thank you for writing extremely helpful and informational blogs.” Feedback on Twitter.


I’ve been featured in other blogs, including Bubbles in the BrainPain PalsMotivate Me – Five Minutes With, and Wheelescapades – Twenty Questions.

I’ve received the Bloggers Recognition Award, the Bloggers Sunshine Award, was nominated for the Bloggers Bash Most Informative (Original Content) Blogger, and came number 5 in the Top 10 UK Chronic Illness Blogs and Websites in August.

“Thanks for the time and energy you invest to help others like myself to try to stay positive.” Feedback via email.

I’ve written guest posts for Julie Pain Recovery Coach, the Ability Superstore, Scope, and The Unchargeables.

I’ve started earning a bit of money for my blog work. One of my long-term goals is to make some money here and there if I can. Who doesn’t want to earn money for doing something they enjoy.


I have learnt so much in 12 months. Most of it I have taught myself, but I’ve needed a bit of guidance  too. I’ve read some really good books, including Blogging Your Way to Riches, and completed the Turn Your Dreams in to Money online course.

I’ve met some amazing bloggers who are a great support network, provide encouragement, and help out with any type of blog question and promotion.. Em Linthorpe, Rachael Stray, Shelley Wilson, Sheryl at A Chronic Voice and Nicola J Ogston are just a few of them.

“Ali’s posts about life with chronic pain are always so informative and easy to read.” Sunshine Blogger Award nomination.

The main things that stand out are:

  • Blogging takes effort – you can’t simply publish a post and expect people to read it. You have to promote it, connect with others, join groups, and put in a lot of time and effort to get your work noticed.
  • I had a Blog Critique as part of the above course, and realised how much value a fresh pair of eyes is in spotting errors on my site. Any experienced blogger can do this for you.
  • It’s good to vary your content – you don’t have to stick to your niche 100% of the time.
  • You don’t have to follow the rules – it’s your blog, do what you want to do.
  • Only you set your deadlines – don’t add unnecessary pressure on yourself.
  • Taking a break is a good thing – it gives you time to think, plan, and write posts.
  • You can’t learn it all at once – it’s about progress, not perfection.
  • Keep a record of everything – it helps you write posts like this and you can look back on your achievements with pride.
  • It’s easier than you think to change web hosts – I’ve very recently moved to SiteGround and am so impressed with their customer service and support.
  • Don’t panic when a technical issue crops up. Speak to the experts via your web host and get the full facts.

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What did you learn in your first year of blogging? I’d love to know if you learnt similar things to me.

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10 thoughts on “Happy 1 year Blogiversary to me: what I’ve learned and achieved in my first 12 months of blogging

  1. Sheryl says:

    A bg congrats, Ali, it’s always amazing how time flies 😉 And thank you so much for the mention, I appreciate it 🙂 Here’s to more blog posts, learning and connecting for us all! x

  2. Cassie Creley says:

    Great post! I’m saving this so I remember to celebrate my milestones when I hit my one year mark. (I just realized I’m halfway there!) I appreciate the reminder that we set our own deadlines and don’t need to put unnecessary pressure on ourselves. Something I’m still learning!

  3. Peggy Dunn says:

    Congratulations on your 1 year blogiversary! I’m still very new to blogging but have learned very quickly that it’s hard work. So one year is worthy of a celebration. Wishing you continued success.

    • Alice says:

      Thank you so much. It is more hard work than I thought, but I enjoy it so that’s a good thing ? Do get in touch if I can help with anything.

  4. Raegan says:

    First, let me say that I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to the notifications arriving in my mailbox! I have been at it for a while now and find the hardest part for me is coming up with content on a regular basis. Sometimes it comes to me easily and sometimes it’s more difficult. Do you have any suggestions for coming up with blog content? I am loving my little blog in the big blog world!
    Thanks so much

    • Alice says:

      It’s made my day that you look forward to receiving my notifications via email – thank you! I struggle with coming up with content ideas too. I write down all my ideas as soon something pops in to my head. I like to write about real-life things, as this makes it easier to come up with ideas. I also read other blogs for inspiration. Not sure if this helps. I highly recommend having a blogging break to help plan ahead. This really helps me.

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