I?m so impressed with this heat pack: ClickHeat product review

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I’ve always been a fan of heat to help with pain. I don’t understand the science behind it but a hot water bottle has always worked wonders for my endometriosis pain. I’ve tried numerous types of packs for my neck pain but my favourite heat pack has to be the ClickHeat?for neck and shoulders.

I?m so impressed with this heat pack: ClickHeat product review

I came across this brand at the Hamburg Christmas markets. I was hollered to the stall and a sales demo was given on the hand warmers. Little did the guy know that I was a chronic pain sufferer who was desperate for something to help my neck pain.

I asked if he had anything to help and he talked me through the neck and shoulder heat packs. His luck was in and I made a purchase. He even threw in 4 free hand warmers to seal the deal. To be quite honest, the deal was sealed long before this kind gesture but I’m not one for refusing the odd freebie or two.

I?m so impressed with this heat pack: ClickHeat product review

The ClickHeat neck and shoulder heat pack

Now the simple way to explain how these packs work, is that to begin with they are a liquid. To get the heat going, you simply click a little metal disc inside the pack and it immediately turns solid and the heat just appears. It’s quite impressive, and watching the liquid turn solid is quite therapeutic.

I?m so impressed with this heat pack: ClickHeat product review

Watching it turn solid and hot is therapeutic

What’s good abouT this heat pack

I’m really impressed with the level of heat that it provides. I was warned that it would take a few uses before the heat would get to its proper temperature, but now it has it’s brilliant. Sometimes I find it too hot, but I just use it with a tea towel, or make sure I have a slightly thicker top on to make it a little more comfortable.

It is very cosy to use and moulds to my neck, shoulders and upper back really well.

As I mentioned above, it provides instant heat – no messing about boiling the kettle to fill a hot water bottle, or putting a wheat bag in the microwave.

I also like that it stays hot for a good length of time before it goes cold.

It’s not too expensive. I paid ?30 for the one at the Christmas market stall. This is a lot cheaper than the price stated on their website, but it was most likely a reduced rate to encourage sales. Amazon sell ones at cheaper prices, and there seems to be a variety of brands that work in the same way.

I’ve been told you can use it up to a 1000 times – only time will tell on this point.

Find ClickHeat and similar products at Amazon.


What’s not so good about this heat pack

The main downside of this particular design of heat pack is having to boil it to reset it and turn the solid solution back to liquid. It means that if I want to use it again and I haven’t boiled it, then I can’t. In other wards it’s not instantly available for those intense pain moments unless I’ve reset it. I try and make the most of this though by using it after I have boiled it. I leave it to cool down for 10-15 minutes (believe me, it’s way too hot to use straight after taking it out of boiling water) and this gives me up to half an hour of decent heat. To address this negative aspect I’m thinking of getting a spare pack so that I have one ready should I desperately need it.

I?m so impressed with this heat pack: ClickHeat product review

I use my largest pan to boil my heat pack

Here are some tips that I would recommend when using the ClickHeat pack:

Before pressing the little metal disc, make sure the pack is on a flat surface. If not, then the liquid won’t be even and when it turns solid it will mean that some areas do not get warm.

I?m so impressed with this heat pack: ClickHeat product review

Ensure the heat pack is flat before clicking the disc

I always try and fold my pack before it gets too hard after using it. This means it is easier to fit inside the saucepan that I use to boil it.

I always boil it for the full 20 minutes to make sure it works properly next time. A few times I boiled it for less time and it didn?t turn back to liquid as it should?ve done.

Have you used this type of heat pack before?

If you’ve used the ClickHeat pack, or a similar brand, let me know what you think and share your top tips.


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8 thoughts on “I?m so impressed with this heat pack: ClickHeat product review

    • Alice says:

      It?s not as portable as the hand ones but it certainly does a great job. I carry one of those little hand ones with me too.

  1. Lauren says:

    Wow I’ve never heard of these before. It’s quite amazing to see it click! I love wheat bags that you heat up in the microwave, but never seen these!

    • Alice says:

      I love watching it. It?s very impressive how it all works. I like the fact that the wheat bags can easily be reheated, but they never stay on my neck very well – all the beads drop to the bottom.

  2. Shelley says:

    Great product review, Ali. I’m also a fan of heat packs as well as the old fashioned wheat bags that my grandma used to heat up and put across her shoulders. My hip Bursitis is back with a vengeance at the moment so your post is perfect timing. πŸ™‚

    • Alice says:

      Thanks for your comment Shelley. I?ve never done a product review before so I?m glad this one has been useful. And sorry to hear you?re suffering at the moment. I hope the heat brings you some relief ?

    • Alice says:

      Fantastic. I hope they like it as much as I do. I?ve not used it on my mid or lower back but the demo I got in Hamburg said it was great for backs

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