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Will glasses suit me?

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Choosing a new pair of glasses that suit your face and your style can be tough. Glasses can often be what someone notices first about you, and they can make a big difference in the way you look. When choosing glasses, you need to consider how they will sit on your face, both for comfort and look, but also think about how they will fit in with your wardrobe. Glasses might be a medical device, but they are still an accessory. 

I love my glasses (which is one reason I used the word in my blog name!) and really enjoy getting new ones. Hopefully this post will help you if you are wondering if glasses will suit you. It is a collaboration, for which for which I received a small payment.

There are some guidelines that you can use to help you make the right choice and choose glasses that suit you, suit your style, and that you will enjoy wearing. 

The first thing to think about is how they will fit. You should select frames that fit correctly across the bridge, temples, and over your ears. If they fit properly, your glasses should be comfortable, with no pressure or pinching anywhere. The right fit means that you won’t end up with glasses that are uncomfortable and irritating to wear. A good fit also makes your glasses secure, so they won’t shift around and fall off. 

Traditionally, the advice was that your pupils should sit slightly above the vertical middle of the lens, and be roughly in the horizontal center. However, as lenses have improved a lot over the years, this rule can be ignored now. It can be a good place to start though if you’re confused. 

For a fit that flatters you, try to choose frames that keep your eyebrows within the lens. Frames tend to fit the face better if the brow along the top of the glasses sits well with your own eyebrows. Try on many different pairs in different shapes to find what works. A store like is a good start, as they have a lot of choices. 

A selection of different glasses frames on a wall

If you’re buying online, which might be more likely if you suffer from chronic pain or illness, obviously, you can’t them on on as you shop. Find an online store that allows you to order multiple pairs to try on at home so you can make the right decision. If you wear glasses already, measure them before you start looking at frames online. You can look for glasses in a similar size to help you find the right frames. 

Color is a personal decision when it comes to the frames, but it can help to think about whether a warm or a cool tone will best flatter your skin tone and hair color. What color clothes do you like to wear? I love pink so I chose some frames with pink on the inside of my frame. Subtle, but it makes them more ‘me’.

When choosing the shape of a new pair of glasses, think about the overall shape of your face. For example, if your forehead is large and you would like to reduce the appearance of it, then you could balance it with a thicker frame.  

The smartest way to choose glasses that you will enjoy wearing is to match them to your personal style. Don’t worry too much about whether they’re flattering, as a statement pair can be a great style statement, rather than choosing subtle glasses that don’t add anything to an outfit. 

Do you wear glasses?

How do you choose yours?

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