Why my kindle is good for my chronic pain

Why my Kindle is good for my chronic pain

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I’ve had a Kindle for the last few years and I absolutely love it. Admittedly, you can’t beat a proper book, but a Kindle comes a very close second and is the ideal product to help with my chronic pain.

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I’ve recently bought myself a new Kindle Voyage. My previous one was the Kindle Keyboard which was quite large and bulky and didn’t come with an internal light. I had to use a case with a built in light which added to the weight. It’s not often I spend quite so much money on myself, but I knew it would be worth the expense and really help me cope with my pain.

Now, I’m not saying it takes my pain away nor does it reduce my pain physically, but mentally it helps me cope in so many ways, and here’s why…

I can get comfy lying down

If you’re familiar with my story and regularly read my blog posts, you’ll know that I have pain when I sit down. (If you want to know more read this blog post.) Therefore I spend a lot of my time lying down to help me manage my pain. There aren’t too many things that are practical to do when lying down, but reading is one of them. I can lie down for so long holding a paperback book, but after a while I’m not very comfy. But with a Kindle I can get comfy lying down and read for hours.

I can use one hand, two hands, or no hands

One thing that I love about my Kindle is that I can hold it with one hand, two hands, rest it on a cushion, or lay it down flat and still read it ok. This allows a lot more flexibility in getting comfy in all kinds of positions.

It’s lightweight

I chose the Kindle Voyage because it was a fairly modern version and was both the lightest and smallest of the Kindles. I love my gadgets so I wanted something that had a few functions as well as being the most practical to suit my needs.

Books are a great distraction

Any type of reading, whether it is a paperback, hardback, a Kindle, or even some online document or blog posts, is a fantastic distraction to help cope and manage with chronic pain. It takes you away from reality and helps you switch off from things. And if you love non-fiction and self-development books like I do, then you can learn something at the same time, which is a huge boost mentally.

Reading helps me sleep

Getting a good night sleep is crucial when it comes to pain management. If you don’t get the proper rest you need, then managing pain can be even more difficult. When I read before bed I generally fall asleep quicker and get a better nights sleep.

Do you have a Kindle? How do you find it compared to proper books? What non-fiction books do you recommend?

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20 thoughts on “Why my Kindle is good for my chronic pain

  1. Ava Meena says:

    I love my Kindle so much. I’ve been using it for six years now. I have the paper version – whatever it’s called – that is supposed to look more like a book. I have a case that lets me prop it on its side while I’m lying down. I can’t hold regular books anymore between my hand/elbow/neck pain. Family keeps giving me books for Christmas and I will literally hand them back after opening it and be like look it’s been years now why do I have to keep telling you I can’t hold a regular book. I just wish the library would have more loans for the Kindle because it’s expensive to buy books as needed instead of borrow.

    • Alice says:

      It’s such a great bit of kit isn’t it, especially for someone with pain. I agree, it is much more expensive with not having the option to borrow books. I hope your family buy you Kindle vouchers instead.

    • Alice says:

      Sure is πŸ™‚ Love your site btw. If you ever want to Guest Post on my blog (or vice versa) just let me know!

  2. Jenny says:

    Sounds like I need one..I struggle to hold up my book sometimes, due to weakness so this sounds like an ideal solution! X

    • Alice says:

      Let me know how you get on if you get one πŸ™‚ I?ve updated my blog to include a link to the Kindle Voyage.

  3. ActualConversationsWithMyHusband says:

    It’s been great for my insomnia too?I was always warned to keep books out of the bedroom, because reading in bed would only delay healthy sleep. But with the blue light filter, I can read in a way that actually helps me unwind without keeping my eyes and brain in daytime mode; the Kindle is effectively lulling me to sleep! Best investment for my sleep pattern, hands down.

  4. Claire Saul says:

    I use a kindle these days for all the same reasons…particularly at night to help me get to sleep and if I can’t sleep! I read a lot since my health has deteriorated and review a lot of ARCs, so a Kindle has literally given me a new lease of life!!

  5. Angela Noel says:

    Quality of life investments in things you love are never bad purchases in my opinion. You’ve done a great thing in buying something that has the potential to bring you such joy.

  6. Linda Hobden says:

    I?m a book geek but I reluctantly got a kindle a few years back, have had updated versions, and I will be totally lost without it. I also like the fact that if you fall asleep whilst reading you haven?t lost your page – several times with paperbacks my bookmark had come away or I had accidentally dropped my book! ?

  7. Rachael stray says:

    I hated the idea of a Kindle as I love proper books so much however my parents bought me one as a birthday present quite a few years ago and I?d be lost without it. I practically inhale books so lugging loads of paperbacks around isn?t ideal so my Kindle is great. I wrote a blog post about a site you can use for cheap and free books I?ll share it with you on Twitter ?

  8. Carol Taylor says:

    Sounds like a good buy..even I struggle to read my kindle with the built-in light on the cover (it’s old) so after our brilliant review I may buy one πŸ™‚

    • Alice says:

      Let me know how you get on πŸ™‚ I?ve updated my blog to include a link to the Kindle I bought.

  9. Debbie says:

    Isn?t it amazing how something like a kindle can make life that little bit better? I?m so pleased you found this helps you cope and you can enjoy reading in relative comfort. All the best!

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