Who inspires me: Matt Cho

Who inspires me: Matt Cho

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In this blog series I will be writing about the people who inspire me. They aren’t people I know personally, but they somehow have had an impact on my life in a very positive way. In this first post I talk about Matt Cho.

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Who is Matt Cho?

Matt is a fitness coach based in London. He runs his own business called Macro Lean which helps people to lose fat and get the body they want. I first came across Matt when one of my Facebook friends shared one of his YouTube videos, and I’ve been a fan ever since. Even if you’re not into fitness or not losing weight, you can still learn something from Matt – everyone can learn something from him.

“The Macro Lean community is growing into an all round hub for health, wealth, love and happiness” Matt Cho

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Matt Cho

Matt knows his stuff in the diet, nutrition and fitness industry. He explains things and talks in a plain English way, cuts out the BS (his own words), and uses a simple method to get his clients and his followers to understand more about food and about how much they should be eating. This method is based around macros – proteins, fats and carbohydrates (or carbs). If you sign up to one of?his plans he will work out exactly what amounts of each macros you can have. And when you combine it with his recommended workouts, and remain consistent and disciplined, then you can achieve your weight loss goals.

I signed up to one of his plans a while back. It’s written in a methodical,easy to understand way, and really made a lot of sense. Unfortunately, due to my chronic pain, I wasn’t able to follow the fitness aspect side of things. I had been to see a few different physiotherapists to try and get some treatment on my neck and received conflicting advice. I decided to focus on the diet aspect of Matt?s plan only.

I followed the plan and certainly lost some weight. For me personally, it wasn?t right time to sign up but I learnt a lot through buying in to the plan and the knowledge has stuck with me ever since. I?m also starting again with the plan over the next few weeks, so watch this space to see how I get on.

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How does Matt Cho inspire me?

From my own experiences of dealing with chronic pain, I find I can manage things best when I am positive, in control of things, have the right attitude to life, and both my physical and mental wellbeing are in a good way. Matt has inspired me in all these areas.

Matt doesn’t just talk about diet, food, fitness and nutrition; he looks at the bigger picture of life.?He?provides daily content through emails, videos, Instagram stories, and Facebook posts that provides all kinds of inspiration.

Matt releases addictive videos that hook you in and make you want to keep watching and learn more. The videos that have really grabbed me have been the ones about self-development -pushing yourself, goal-setting, and the ones that talk about one of his key phrases, grit and determination. The fact that he produces daily content via emails and videos really encourages you to stick to things and not give up. It’s like having a motivating mentor sat my shoulder encouraging me that “I can do it?.

Matt is also one of the most positive people I have come across. He talks about the tough sides of life and the struggles that we all have but always finds something good and positive to say. He doesn’t dwell on the negatives – he accepts them and gets back on track focusing on his goals.

One of the really inspiring things that Matt is teaching me is to be myself and to not give a damn what others think. This is something that I have been working on for some time and really do struggle with. In some of his YouTube videos he goes in to more details about this and he inspires me every time I watch them.

Other ways Matt has inspired me:

  • I?ve tried different foods (he?s a vegan)
  • I?ve read some of his recommended books
  • I?m using some of the health and fitness apps he?s recommended
  • I was inspired to read about the impact of magnesium on muscles after he recommended I used it (blog post coming soon about this)
  • I?m doing workouts and exercises I?ve never done before!
  • I?m learning more about meditation and being present to help manage my anxiety (which ultimately helps me manage my pain better)
  • I?ve tried a black coffee
  • I?m hitting my 10,000 steps a day

Matt Cho is an all round brilliant guy

In a weird way, I really feel like I know Matt, even though like I say, I’ve ever met him. He shares a lot about his life in general and really invites you in to his world.

He did a series of Facebook live videos a while back and I regularly took part and asked him questions. He answered every one of them and I felt that the moment was a 1:1 Q&A session. It wasn’t as there were lots of other people taking part. I guess this is the magic of Vlogs and Live videos as it makes you feel it is just you they are talking to.

Matt has also replied to every single one of my questions, via email or on Instagram and Facebook, and for such a busy guy, this is brilliant.

Someone asked me a while back, ?if you could go for dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?? My list included Matt Cho. I would love to meet him one day – I just want to keep learning from him.

I?m looking forward to seeing what content, advice and tips Matt shares in the future.

Where to find Matt Cho



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/macroleanmethod


Who Inspires you?

Get in touch or comment below and let me know who inspires you.

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    • Alice says:

      Yay I?m so glad. Good for you ? Doing 10,000 steps a day can burn 200-300 calories. Let me know how you get on.

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