What I’m grateful for this week #FridayFive

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I was inspired by the blog Milly’s Guide to do a regular #FridayFive gratitude blog post of my own. Focusing on what we are grateful for and the positives of our week can lead to better wellbeing, happiness, and can really change our outlook on things.

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When you have chronic pain it is extremely important to focus on the positives and the things you are grateful for. Dwelling on the negatives and the things you can?t control can add to your anxiety and stress, and make it even harder to manage your pain. Practicing gratitude is a simple way to try and change your mindset and it easily becomes a habit the more you do it.

Here are 5 of the things I am grateful for this week:

  1. I am so grateful for my partner (who I am going to call Miss C from now on – my partner seems too formal) for doing everything she can to help ease my neck pain this week. She massaged the knots in my upper back; she put on my KT physio tape late at night because I was going away the next day; and despite having a very busy day in work, she sent me a text to see how I was doing because she knew I was having a bad pain day. Quite simply, she is amazing!

  2. You may have read my recent blog post I’m so glad I…went for afternoon tea at Patisserie Valerie, and I talk about all the cake I ate. Well I am just grateful that the day went to plan and my Mum really enjoyed herself too. This cake lasted for days, so I’m grateful for that too!

Some cake at Patisserie Valerie

Just some of the cake I ate from Patisserie Valerie!

  1. I had a full afternoon of doing blog work this week and I got so much done. It’s great being able to do bits here and there, but I am so much more productive when I dedicate a few hours to getting through my blog to do list.

  2. I ran a web conference in work this week. Usually I have a colleague who presents with me, but this week I did it all on my own, and I got through it without any hiccups. I was certainly grateful there were no technical issues as these can be the most challenging. One time, my phone cut me off and as I was the Chair, I only had 5 minutes to dial back in before the whole web conference would have come to an abrupt end.

  3. I managed to get signed on to the Emma Drew course #MyBlogMyBusiness for half price this month. I’m wanting to learn how to take my blog to the next level, and Emma is one of the people I am learning from. I’ve also completed her Turn Your Dreams in to Money online course which was a brilliant way to get up-and-running with my blog. I recommend any blogger to do this course, but especially those new to blogging.

What are you grateful for this week? share in the comments below.

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