What I’m grateful for this week

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This is my weekly post where I share what I have been grateful for over the last 7 days.?Being grateful and focusing on the positives of our days and week can lead to better wellbeing, happiness, and can really change our outlook on things.

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When you have chronic pain it is extremely important to focus on the positives and the things you are grateful for. Dwelling on the negatives and the things you can?t control can add to your anxiety and stress, and make it even harder to manage your pain. Being grateful is a simple way to try to change your mindset and it soon becomes a habit the more you do it.

I recently did a book review of Betsy Craig’s book Unstoppable: A recipe for success in life and business.?One of Betsy?s principles is gratitude and this?is summed up extremely well in the quote below:

?Coming from a space of gratitude can change your perspective and outlook on life. It causes you to open your eyes and notice the good things happening all around you. It doesn?t mean there won?t be challenges, but they are no longer the focus. Your attention falls on what you do have instead of what you don?t.?

I was inspired to do a weekly gratitude blog post after reading the #FridayFive posts on Milly’s Guide.

Here are 5 of the things I am grateful for this week:

  1. I was really hoping that I could include being grateful for the England boys getting to the World Cup final on Sunday, but as we know that isn’t the case. I am still hugely grateful for all they have done in getting to the semi-finals; how they have made this country so proud; and I look forward to seeing them grow as a team in the future.

  2. Long story, but I went for an x-ray last week on my thumb. I thought I’d be waiting for hours, but I honestly waited no more than half an hour. I’m so grateful for this! My thumb is fine, I’ve got a cyst right on the joint. It can be quite painful (another pain to deal with) but I’ve been told that it should just go over time. They said where it is would be quite risky to operate and remove it but to go back the the doctors if it gets any worse.

  3. I’m grateful for the energy I’ve had this week. I’ve done longer hours in work and have written quite a few blog posts. Some weeks I soon get tired, but for some reason, I ploughed through this week. I’ve also had some good night’s sleep from being so busy!

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  1. I’m grateful for my friend who always makes me laugh via WhatsApp. We can chat for hours. We were even chatting when she was in France last week. I’m also grateful for the technology that we have these days that allows us to keep in touch with our nearest and dearest.

  2. I’m extremely grateful for all the lovely comments and feedback I’ve received about my blog this week. I got a really lovely email from someone who subscribed to my blog; some really positive Tweets; and some very supportive comments on my blog post I’m so glad I…did the O2 climb in London.

What are you grateful for this week? share in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “What I’m grateful for this week

  1. Rachael stray says:

    The England squad did incredibly well to get so far and brought so much pride to the nation again.

    I?m grateful for a week off before I start my new job.

    I?m grateful that the old job has ended.

    I?m grateful for some lovely leaving presents from my former colleagues.

    I?m grateful to have spent time with my husbands family this week.

    I?m grateful for meeting up with friends this week ??

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