What I’m grateful for this week

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Here is my day 12 post for my Blogtober challenge and I’m sticking to my regular weekly post where I share what I have been grateful for over the last week. Being grateful and focusing on the positives of our days and week can lead to better wellbeing, happiness, and can really change our outlook on things. It can also help with worry and anxiety.

My Blogtober prompts list

Here’s 5 things I’m grateful for this week

1. Knowing my partner is there when I need her. She is so supportive and listens when I need a chat or a good cry. Sometimes a hug is all it takes to make me feel better.

2. A problem shared is a problem halved – or eliminated in my case. I was worried about something earlier this week, and I really didn’t want to talk about it with someone as I thought it would cause more worry for them. In the end I was honest and we solved the problem together and it was no longer a problem. It also saved me a 3 hour round trip car journey – which I was extremely grateful for.

3. Seeing the pink sky when walking my dogs early Sunday morning. It didn’t last long but it was beautiful.

4. Hopefully doing the last grass cut of the year.

5. Halloumi fries from a local farmers market.

My halloumi fried with a yoghurt dip and cucumber

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4 thoughts on “What I’m grateful for this week

    • Alice says:

      They were delicious! So many different toppings too. We’ve finally managed to get some from Aldi so I’m hoping to recreate this dish at home ?

    • Alice says:

      They were amazing. The stall at the market offered them with a variety of toppings. I had no idea that you could mix so many different flavours with halloumi.

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