What I’m grateful for this week (10 August)

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This is my weekly post where I share what I have been grateful for over the last week.?Being grateful and focusing on the positives of our days and week can lead to better wellbeing, happiness, and can really change our outlook on things. I also read this week that it can help with worry and anxiety.

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When you have chronic pain it is extremely important to focus on the positives and the things you are grateful for. Dwelling on the negatives and the things you can?t control can add to your anxiety and stress, and make it even harder to manage your pain. Being grateful is a simple way to try to change your mindset and it soon becomes a habit the more you do it.

I recently did a book review of Betsy Craig’s book Unstoppable: A recipe for success in life and business.?One of Betsy?s principles is gratitude and this?is summed up extremely well in the quote below:

?Coming from a space of gratitude can change your perspective and outlook on life. It causes you to open your eyes and notice the good things happening all around you. It doesn?t mean there won?t be challenges, but they are no longer the focus. Your attention falls on what you do have instead of what you don?t.?

I was inspired to do a weekly gratitude blog post after reading the #FridayFive posts on Milly’s Guide.

Here are 5 of the things I am grateful for this week:

  1. I became an Auntie! I now have a little nephew and I can’t wait to meet him this weekend.

  2. Miss C and I have finally booked our flights to Thailand. We’ve been wanting to go for the last few years, but one thing and another has meant we’ve had to delay it, but next February it is finally happening. You’re probably thinking, how the heck can I travel all the way to Thailand with my chronic pain? Well the only way, is by spending an absolute fortune on business class seats so I can lie down. It’s going to be a brilliant experience and we can’t wait.

3.?I mentioned in my August prompts Link Up Party post that I find gardening (and most other chores) boring. Well, despite that, we spent a good few hours in the garden on the weekend and really tidied it up. It feels cleaner, smarter and bigger.

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  1. I really wanted to get out the house this week and spend a good few quality hours on my blog. I always find I get more inspiration when I change my writing environment. So on Saturday I went to my local caf? and didn’t leave until I’d finished the first draft of a new blog post (my August prompts one). I actually wrote it really quickly.

  2. I’m grateful to get through my bad pain days this week, as I’ve had a few of them. My heat packs and physio tape have really helped and I’m so grateful to Miss C for taking the time to put on my tape.

What are you grateful for this week? share in the comments below.

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