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Wellbeing wisdom: what is wellbeing?

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In last week’s first post of this new seires, I jumped in the deep end and spoke about stepping out of my comfort zone. I wanted to talk about my events of the week to highlight how this can help us and how it makes us feel when we make that leap and try something that isn’t something we’d normally choose to do. In this week’s post, I take a step back and look at the basics of what is wellbeing.

Wellbeing wisdom: My new weekly blog post looks at the bigger picture of how to cope with chronic pain, and different ways of looking after your wellbeing. I’ll share some of my own self care tips, new things I’ve tried, how I’ve pushed myself out my comfort zone, and the pain challenges I’ve faced. It will be an honest summary of thoughts and ideas to hopefully inspire you to look after your own wellbeing, and help you cope better with your chronic pain.

Ultimately, they are interlinked, but wellbeing can be divided into two categories: physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing.

Mental wellbeing

This is all about how you are feeling and how you cope with everyday life.

Lots of things can affect your mental wellbeing, and like with chronic pain, everyone reacts differently to things and what affects one person, might not affect someone else.

Stress, loneliness, self-confidence, bereavement, money, anxiety, work, relationships, past events, caring for others, and dealing with a long-term health condition, such as chronic pain, are just some of the things that can impact on mental wellbeing.

How we react to these events can fluctuate over time. Some days we cope better than others, and on some days we need to focus more on self-care.

The Mind website has some really good tips for everyday living to help improve your mental wellbeing.

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Physical wellbeing

This is about how well you are; how healthy you eat; whether you’re getting enough exercise; staying hydrated; and getting enough sleep.

It almost feels like we are more in control of the physical aspects than we are of the mental ones. It can feel easier to choose how well we eat, how much exercise we do, how much we drink, and to some extent, how much sleep we get.

But chronic pain can dictate some of this stuff too: our pain can keep us awake at night; it can impact on our ability to exercise; and for me, pain often means I lose my appetite, which affects my energy and motivation.

Why it’s important to understand wellbeing

Knowing the answer to the question what is wellbeing can help us focus more on self-care. It can help make sure we do what we can to manage the bigger picture of having chronic pain.

When we have chronic pain, we often feel that things aren’t within our control. Sometimes we just need to change one thing, and it can start to make us feel that little bit better about ourselves, which can lead to us doing other little things and improving our overall happiness and feeling of being in control.

Your thoughts

Have you thought about your overall wellbeing before?

What one thing can you choose to do to help improve your own wellbeing?

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