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Wellbeing wisdom: how to make a bad mental health day a bit brighter #review

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In this blog post I share my thoughts on Lauren Ephithite’s new booklet how to make a bad mental health day a bit brighter. I’ve followed Lauren ever since I started blogging. She writes about mental health, wellbeing, and gratitude. I purchased the booklet from Etsy and decided to do a short review on my blog.

Wellbeing wisdom: My weekly blog post looks at the bigger picture of how to cope with chronic pain, and different ways of looking after your wellbeing. I’ll share some of my own self care tips, new things I’ve tried, how I’ve pushed myself out my comfort zone, and the pain challenges I’ve faced. It will be an honest summary of thoughts and ideas to hopefully inspire you to look after your own wellbeing, and help you cope better with your chronic pain.

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As I mentioned in last week’s wellbeing wisdom post, mental health is a huge part of our wellbeing. Learning how to take care of ourselves when we are having a bad mental health day is so simple to understand, but putting it in to practice can be hard. Lauren’s new booklet helps make this a little bit easier.

What I like about the booklet

It’s short – just 21 pages; the last thing you need is lots of text and detail to read through.

It’s colourful – making it inspiring and an enjoyable read.

It’s easy to follow – it’s broken down in to easy to understand sections that inspire you to both think and do; both of which are good at helping you on a bad mental health day

It looks at all the main aspects of wellbeing – the basics of self care, health, exercise, using your brain, feeling useful, helps you plan to help you cope, and asks you to reflect afterwards.

Lauren writes in an empathetic way – she struggles with anxiety and depression herself so she knows how hard it can be to help yourself on a bad mental health day.

Click here to buy Laren's mental health booklet

It’s such an easy read for anyone struggling to cope with their mental health. You aren’t expected to do everything in the booklet; it’s designed for you to find something that will help you. It gives lots of ideas and suggestions you’ll be sure to find something that will help you on a bad mental health day.

Learn more about Lauren

Read Lauren’s guest post that she wrote for my blog – 7 ways to look after your mental health when you’re in pain.

Your thoughts

How do you cope on a bad mental health day?

Have you bought Lauren’s book – what do you think of it?

What’s the best tip that works for you?

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2 thoughts on “Wellbeing wisdom: how to make a bad mental health day a bit brighter #review

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    I’ll have to check this out. I’ll also follow her on Insta & Twitter now. I love the sound of this booklet – sometimes we know all the things we could/should do to brighten our days and make things a little better for ourselves, but we don’t do it. A reminder & gentle encouragement when we need it by reading blog posts or looking at a book/booklet can really help.
    Caz xx

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