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Wellbeing wisdom: Eat the rainbow

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I’ve learned that the best way to look after my chronic pain is to look after me. If I’m healthy, energised, and feeling well in myself, it makes managing my pain so much easier. When I’m unhealthy, lethargic, and feeling unwell, then obviously the opposite happens – managing my pain is so much harder. I’m doing quite a few different things at the moment to focus on my overall health and wellbeing, and one of them is to eat the rainbow.

Wellbeing wisdom: My weekly blog post looks at the bigger picture of how to cope with chronic pain, and different ways of looking after your wellbeing. Iโ€™ll share some of my own self care tips, new things Iโ€™ve tried, how Iโ€™ve pushed myself out my comfort zone, and the pain challenges Iโ€™ve faced. It will be an honest summary of thoughts and ideas to hopefully inspire you to look after your own wellbeing, and help you cope better with your chronic pain.

Fruit and vegetables are a vital part of our diet. They contain the micronutrients our bodies need to function, look and feel as well as we can be. Getting a good mix of these micronutrients is key, and varying the fruit and veg we eat every day is a simple way to do it.

I imagine we all have good intentions of eating our 5-a-day – a mix of 5 different fruit and vegetables to meet the daily recommended target. As usual, I read a lot to help distract myself from my chronic pain, and I’ve come across lots of different things where we need to be eating more like 5 to 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, and we need to be eating more veg than fruit (which is mainly to do with the sugar content of fruit).

This got me thinking. How can I up my daily fruit and veg portions – especially my veg – get a good variety in my diet, and make it a bit more fun?

I decided to eat the rainbow. And I’m using this very useful image from to help me.

I just love this image as you can clearly see examples of each colour for both fruit and veg. It also shows what time of year they are in season in the USA – which is no good for me, but will be helpful for some of my readers.

Each day I am going to try and eat a mixture of the main fruit and veg rainbow colours:

  • Red
  • Orange and yellow
  • Green
  • Blue and purple
  • White

I will also aim to eat at least 1 portion of veg and 1 portion of fruit from each colour too – so hopefully the means I will be nearer to my 10 portions of fruit an veg a day, than just 5.

Pulses, beans, and nuts also count as one of your 5-a-day, as do frozen, dried and tinned fruit and vegetables.

I’m also really enjoying smoothies at the moment – an easy way to up your daily fruit and veg portions. I’m focussing on colours with these too. One day I’ll have a yellow smoothie, the next day green, the next day purple.

I’ll eat you know how I get on in a few weeks time.

Your thoughts

What do you do to help look after you?

How do you get in your 5-a-day?

Do you eat the rainbow too?

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2 thoughts on “Wellbeing wisdom: Eat the rainbow

  1. Despite Pain says:

    I love this idea. I always have good intentions of packing in more fruit and veg. I start well, but it never lasts. I know I feel better, more awake, and just overall healthier when I do. A colourful plate of food is interesting and appetising. Smoothies are great ways to include extra too. I also love soup for the same reason.

    • Alice says:

      It’s certainly hard to keep the momentum going, but I always feel so much better knowing I’ve eaten the good stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree, soups and smoothies are good for this!

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