Walking for chronic pain: What I’m doing

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I’ve always said that walking helps my chronic pain. I’ve written several blog posts about it previously, and always try to encourage others to up their walking if they can. I wanted to give you a quick update on what I am currently doing and how I’m building daily walking exercise in to my pain management.

I am fortunate that I can still walk despite my chronic pain but I understand this isn’t the case for everyone. Walking can be extremely difficult for some people, so I appreciate this post may not be relevant for you.

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How does walking help my chronic pain?

Firstly, I have a sitting disability, so whenever I sit I am in pain. Whenever I don’t sit, I am generally not in pain. I use the word ‘generally’ as I may have some of my other symptoms, such as my neck pain, or on the very rare occasion, then I may get these almighty painful twangs, that happen when I walk. But 90% of the time I am ok to walk.

Secondly, it does wonders for my mental health. Any form of exercise is known to be good for our overall health as well as helping us manage and/or reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Walking is the best medicine quote by Hippocrates

What am I doing?

I have decided that before my day gets going, I will do a 30 minute walk. This could be before or after my morning coffee, depending on what time I get up, and it could be out in the fresh air or on my treadmill.

I’ve been doing an early morning 30 minute walk for about 6 weeks now. In the first few weeks it was light when I got up and it was ok to go out and about. I want to make sure I am safe when I do it, so I won’t go walking in the dark; I will use my treadmill instead. Throughout autumn and winter, I will also use my treadmill if it is freezing, windy, raining, snowing, or icy. I don’t want to risk getting ill, as this makes my pain even harder to manage, nor will I risk causing an injury.

I’m finding that my morning routine – which includes my 30 minute walk – is really setting me up for the day too.

I’m also listening to some really interesting podcasts on my walks. So as well as getting some physical exercise, I am getting some mental stimulation and feel like I am learning something too.

My favourite podcasts at the moment are: Deliciously Ella (season 4 is back); Feel Better Live More, and The Doctor’s Kitchen.

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Why I have decided to do 30 minutes walking a day?

Quite simply, to up my exercise. It’s a simple way of getting some moderate activity in to my day, and gives me s sense of achievement before my day has properly got started. I’ve also read that we should try and get some time outdoors first thing in the morning as this can help with our circadian rhythm which can help us sleep better.

I look forward to my morning walk each day. I am really motivated at the moment, and determined not to miss a day. I arrive home afterwards feeling energised, even more motivated to get cracking with my day, and chuffed that I’ve hit my daily exercise target before breakfast.

Your thoughts

Does walking help you manage your chronic pain?

Are you doing some daily walking exercise?

What podcasts can you recommend for me to try?

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3 thoughts on “Walking for chronic pain: What I’m doing

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    PS. I’ve tried a few times but the ‘like’ button won’t load. It often doesn’t on your blog so I wanted to reiterate that in case you wonder why I (and maybe others) don’t like your posts – I definitely like them!! xx

    • Alice says:

      Thank you so much for letting me know. This is so annoying as I’ve no idea why it won’t work. Very strange. I have the same issue on your site as it won’t let me ‘like’ posts xx

  2. Invisibly Me says:

    You’re doing brilliantly! Six weeks in and I imagine it’s becoming more of a routine now. I’ve been trying to get into a small routine of walking to the shop on our road; admittedly I’m getting like 10-15 minutes walking per day, but then there’s a shop a little further away (30 min walk) that I attempt every other day or thereabouts depending on how I feel. I’m not one for podcasts but I always used to listen to music when I walked, way back before chronic illness came into my life, but over time I stopped. I need more music in my life again. Great thinking on using the treadmill when the weather isn’t up to much, too. I find the routine, the fresh air and the small sense of achievement can do wonders not just for physical health but mental health too, as you said. Every little helps!
    Caz xx

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