The ups and downs of me week

Life with chronic pain: the ups and downs of my week

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Everyone has their ups and downs. I don’t know why, but I’ve noticed this a lot more this last week, so I thought I’d do a quick blog post on it.

The ups and downs of my week

The Ups

Every day I write down something to go in my happy box – something positive from the day to remember and look back on in the future. I talk about this more in my blog post 10 ways to cope with chronic pain. The below are a few more ups (positives) that I have focused on this week.

Time dedicated to working on my blog

I made sure I gave myself time to work on all aspects of my blog. There’s more to blogging than just writing posts; research, learning, scheduling, and planning are just a few other things I have to do. So I wanted to make sure I booked some time aside to get things done. And I did. I had a few very productive sessions and I feel organised and on track with my blogging.

A very positive comment about my blog

My hard work on my blog seems to be paying off. I’m nowhere near where I want to be with it all (I have some big ambitions) but my focus at the moment is small steps in building up my blog traffic and content creation. I have a lot to learn so I’m quite happy taking it all at my own pace.

I’m also building up my followers on my Instagram (@notebooksandglasses) and my Twitter (@notebksglasses) pages, and I had a really positive comment that stood out last week. Here’s a snippet:

“…I read every single one of your posts and they’re so helpful to me…Thank you so much for creating your blog, it’s been so helpful and nice to read.”

This really made me smile and feel like my blog is worthwhile. I wanted to write it to help other people, and try and inspire other chronic pain sufferers. I think this feedback shows I’m on the right track.

A free Americano coffee from Booths

This is only a small thing, but my partner called at Booths (my favourite supermarket) and picked up a free Americano coffee for me. She could have got one for herself, but she brought one home for me instead. If you have a Booths card, you are entitled to a free coffee. I really have learned to appreciate the small things in life. And I love my coffee, so this was a real up for me this week. Even more so as it was in a Christmas cup.

My free coffee from Booths

I made it to the gym

If you’ve read my blog posts My physio session: a spanner in the works and 5 things I’ve learnt at the gym, you’ll know that I have recently joined Bannatyne gym in order to build up my overall strength to hopefully reduce my neck pain. Well I knew I wouldn’t get to go too often as soon as I’d joined due to other commitments, but I made the most of the no joining fee offer they had in October.

Now I am committed to going twice a week and as much as I couldn’t be bothered going on Thursday evening, me and my partner made it. I felt good afterwards and really chuffed with myself.

My neck pain eased a little towards the end of the week

There seems to be no trigger for my neck pain; I can’t identify what causes it to be bad, nor can I work out why it isn’t as bad on other days. But anyway, towards the end of the week it wasn’t as bad, so this was another up for me. It makes my whole pain management a lot easier and means I can do more of the stuff I enjoy for longer.

The Downs

Downs and negatives are inevitable. They’re a part of life. The important bit is not to let them beat you – accept them and move on. And without negatives there are no positives, right?

No rain. No flowers.

Literally crying in pain

At the beginning of the week I really struggled with my neck pain. No matter what I did to get comfy, I couldn’t. Sitting, standing and lying down were all so painful. Just bending my neck forwards was painful.

I took some naproxen (which I don’t like to take) and some paracetamol, and used my neck hot water bottle, but they didn’t shift the pain at all.

I also felt sick with the pain. It was causing me to have more headaches too. More than anything I wanted to escape from my body to not feel it anymore. It’s so mentally draining.

I felt better for doing what I could to try and ease the pain, but I just had to ride it out. I made the most of lying down as best I could and did some reading on my phone. Thankfully, as mentioned above, the pain started to ease.

A photo of my neck hot water bottle

I didn’t do my chores when I’d planned to

I love to plan things, and I’ve started planning to do some specific house chores throughout the week, rather than leaving them all to the weekend. I’d planned to clean the bathroom on Tuesday, and clean the fridge on Saturday. Neither of these got done. I was just drained and in too much pain on Tuesday, and Saturday was my ‘blog day’ anyway (bad planning on my part).

It was no big deal really. It just meant I wasn’t as productive as I had hoped I would be, and that I had more to do another time.

My trousers were painful

On Wednesday I had to go to the office for a meeting – I normally work at home. I’m usually always wearing joggers and a hoody so that I’m as comfy as possible, but I had to dress a little smarter than normal. I put on a pair of trousers that I really wanted to wear, but they were just too painful. I couldn’t move hardly without the pain hurting in my lower back (coccyx area).

As much as I don’t like to give in and feel defeated by my pain, I knew it wouldn’t be the sensible decision to wear them so I put on a pair of my plain black joggers instead.

More ups than downs

As you can see, my week consisted of more ups than downs, so I’m happy with that. Every week and every day is different, but there’s nothing wrong with the down times; we have to accept them, learn from them where we can, and move on.

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2 thoughts on “Life with chronic pain: the ups and downs of my week

  1. Claire says:

    Just how i am feeling this weekend….sciatica worse as weather colder, but my shoulder been out since yesterday morning and my neck is out too (one vertebra standing out), neck hottie too heavy, taken naproxen and co codamol on top my normal drugs…feel sick. aghhhh – hate days like this. Sending you gentle hugs and feeling your pain xxx

  2. Rachael stray says:

    I think focusing on the positives is such a good idea as it?s all too easy to just get caught up in the negatives and I think this can make things worse. It?s great to see some lovely things happening for you too.

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