Things I am doing to cope with life right now

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I’ve not done one of these Link Up Party posts for a long time. Like most people – I imagine – I felt the prompt words were quite appropriate right now so decided to take part and get creative. I am doing numerous things to cope with life right now; to help manage my anxiety, keep focused, and stay in control.

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Last week I returned to work after over two weeks off. I hadn’t planned to go away but I had planned to do lots of things that I enjoy. I certainly didn’t expect a lockdown situation to start during my annual leave and stop me doing all the stuff I had planned, so it was certainly a different kind of leave than I’ve ever had before.

I was grateful to have the time off work to try and absorb everything that was going on. It was a lot to adjust to and I needed some headspace more than ever.

Hopefully we will be returning to normality as soon as we can, but I am taking it day-by-day to help me cope and get through this pandemic situation.


There are a lot of idiots around that aren’t taking this whole coronavirus thing seriously is an understatement – they are selfish, inconsiderate and completely bang out of order. The sooner we all start doing as we should the sooner all this will be over.

I do think some of the government’s messages have been a bit conflicting and unclear though, but when you actually think about the reasons we need to do what we are being asked, it’s common sense. And everyone needs to play they part.

I am making sure I do what I can to do my bit and look after myself and my family. I’m a bit of a stickler for following the rules at the best of times, but even more so now. I am safe by staying at home, I am washing my hands, and even though I love love LOVE getting post and parcels, I am letting it sit in the porch for 24 hours before I open it.


The need for distancing is not affecting me as much as most people. I tend to stay at home a lot anyway. It’s the simple things though like not being able to pop to the shop when we have a craving for something – cravings aren’t really essentials are they – or not being able to go out for a meal if we fancy it, or not being able to take my dogs to the vets unless it’s urgent.

It has affected my mental wellbeing more than I initially realised though. I find making decisions quit difficult at times anyway, but adding in the whole social distancing things has made this worse. I’m trying to see my anxiety as a positive in that it helps me think things through and prepare for when I do have to go out the house.


I’ve purposely been trying not to stress myself out over things lately, and have taken one day at a time. It’s easier and better for my wellbeing to focus on the one day, rather than worry about what could or could not happen in the future. Things are changing daily at the moment so I don’t want to waste my energy thinking too far ahead and then having to think things through again when the situation has changed. However, I am trying to get some things in the diary to look forward to as this is important and I aways enjoy looking forward to things.

My partner and I have literally planned our meals and tasks for the day to make sure we are organised, can stay productive, and also feel like we are achieving things. As well as my daily exercise out of the house, I also plan in some mind activities, such as reading, colouring or blog work. That way I am keeping busy and not thinking too much about the whole situation and trying to fill my time with stuff to do.

I also automatically feel much less stressed than I normally do because we used our time off work to get chores done that we’ve been putting off for months. We’ve cleared out the garage, I’ve de-cluttered and spring cleaned my office, and my partner has done an amazing job at staining the garden fencing; the difference a coat of paint makes is quite amazing. A clear space often equals a clear mind.


Last week we did our best to celebrate my partner’s birthday. It certainly wasn’t the same type of celebration that we normally have – we usually book a night or two away and literally spoil ourselves with a little bit of luxury. This time though we were stuck at home, treated ourselves to a Dominoes for tea, did no chores, and watched TV.

I did get well and truly organised a few weeks ago and made sure I had bought a birthday cake well in advance so that there was at least a small surprise for the love of my life. It went down well, I am pleased to say.

This whole situation is really making me appreciate and be grateful for the little things more and more right now.

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8 thoughts on “Things I am doing to cope with life right now

  1. rhiannlouise says:

    Great post Alice! And I am definitely with you by just taking it day by day, and not looking too far in the future! Hope you are continuing to stay safe, take care x

  2. Sheryl Chan says:

    Hi Alice, I’m glad that you’re keeping yourself safe in a time like this. And yes, birthdays are looking a little different this year, aren’t they? But then again, they can always be belated combined with a post-coronavirus celebration ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sending love!

  3. Cynthia Covert says:

    I am treating this time the way I would if I were flaring, one day at a time. Except this time I am able to do it guilt-free because there are no social commitments or invitations to decline or cancel. Kudos on planning ahead for your partner’s birthday, I didn’t do that with Easter so tomorrow is going to be extremely different than years past.

  4. Naomi B says:

    Good to have you join in again! I think this could be a popular month ๐Ÿ™‚ I think lots of people are getting very organised… I’m not sure they’ll want to go back to ‘normal’ life!

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