Sunday chat: Frustrations and trying new things

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I was struggling to finish one of my other blog posts this week, so I decided to do a random chat post instead. This week has been busy and eventful, and this post is a summary of the frustrations and the new things I’ve tried.

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I need to get into a good book

I don’t know why, but at the moment I can’t seem to get into a new book. I’ve tried reading different ones, but I just don’t seem to settle and stick to one.

I don’t know if it’s my lack of motivation; or because my mind seems really busy at the moment (I have a lot going on in work); or because I can’t get comfy with my pain at the moment; or if it’s simply because I can’t relax and switch off to read.

This is one of my frustrations because I love reading, and when I can settle and get comfy, it helps distract me from my pain. I also have a really long wish list of books and am keen to read them and learn new things – I always read non-fiction books.

The weather impacting on my morning walk

I spoke about my daily walks in last week’s walking for chronic pain post, and that I’m doing a 30 minute walk first thing in the morning. Well, the weather has taken a turn for the worse, and I’ve not been able to get out in the fresh air as much as I’d hoped.

I love the sunrise, so not getting outside first thing means I am missing this too. It always makes the start to my day a little more brighter when I see the sun appearing and the beautiful pink and orange skies.

I do use my treadmill as a Plan B, which I am incredibly grateful and lucky to have, but it isn’t quite the same. I also can’t use it first thing when I get up as it is far too noisy and my partner would not be impressed.

Sunrise at the end of a street
The beautiful sky of the morning sunrise

Balancing pain and wellbeing

Pain management is crucial for me, as nothing else works. I try not to let my pain stop me from doing things, but there are times when I have to say no. There are also times when I just do what I have to do and face the consequences afterwards.

This is also crucial for me as it makes me feel like I am still living and enjoying my life and pushing myself to do more – which for me is motivating and rewarding.

Sometimes though, when I push myself, my pain and fatigue are a lot worse afterwards. It’s the typical peaks and troughs of living with chronic pain, and what I call balancing pain and wellbeing. It’s both good and frustrating, as I feel like I am putting my wellbeing first, but get impacted by the pain.

When this happens I just need to accept it and give in to it, that way I can manage my pain as best I can, and get right for the next day.

Pain after exercise

I’ve been trying different types of exercise lately, including strength workouts. I really want to build more of this in to my weekly exercise routine as the stuff I’ve read about it has made me realise how important it is.

Did you know: Once you reach 30, your muscles start to weaken over time, so doing strength training can build the muscles back up again. Strength training is also good for bones, which can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis – something that women are prone to as they get older. Strength training is also good for weight loss. See, so many benefits.

But…I always seem to increase my pain or cause more pain after I’ve done a strength workout. This is another of my frustrations. I injured my shoulder a few weeks back, and this week I made my neck pain worse. I’m going to go back to basics I think and do more steady stretching to loosen my muscles up.

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Blog title Pinterest image Alice on her tablet by a window

Trying new things


Following on from the last frustration above, and getting pain after exercise, I am going to give yoga a try. I’ve been gifted an online yoga course – which is aimed at people living with chronic illness – that I am going to work through. I will be doing a review of this in the near future too.

I think this will give me the light exercise and stretching that I need, but also give me something new to try.

Cooking a new dish

I love cooking – I can do it standing up and it’s a good distraction for my pain. It also makes me feel like I am challenging myself and testing my cooking skills.

This week I tried to new vegetarian dish. I came across the dish on a YouTube video, so didn’t have the exact recipe. I adapted it slightly as I didn’t have all the ingredients. It was delicious, and it had 7 portions of veg in it!

A veggie dish with cheese and avocado on top
My 7-veg new dish that I tried – and loved!

Walk in Manchester

Last week I was in Manchester for a night. I knew I’d be awake early as usual, and was determined not to miss my morning walk.

I got up about 6:45 and headed out in to the city for an hour’s walk. I’ve never seen Manchester to still and quiet. Part of my walk was by the canal; I came across a heritage fort garden; and a massive grey squirrel ran out in front of me. I absolutely loved it.

Clear water and city reflection
The early morning stillness of Manchester

Spider catcher!

I hate spiders. I also hate this time of year as we get so many massive ones in the house. I don’t like killing them, but I also can’t settle when I know they’re there.

We bought a spider catcher a couple of years ago and I panic every time I’ve tried to use it and never catch the spider. My partner is the one who is brave enough to use it and deal with the spider – even though she hates them just as much as me.

This week I was spending a couple of nights at home on my own, and was dreading seeing a spider as I knew I had to deal with it.

One morning (when my partner was downstairs having breakfast), I opened the bedroom curtains and a gigantic spider appeared in front of me. I jumped back and briefly froze, then ran downstairs to grab the spider catcher, as it was quickly walking up the curtain and I didn’t want to lose it. Thankfully it hadn’t got to the top by the time I got back, and I confidently grabbed it with the catcher and let it outside. My partner was impressed. So too was I!

Your thoughts

What are your current frustrations?

How do you overcome your frustrations?

What new things have you tried this week?

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4 thoughts on “Sunday chat: Frustrations and trying new things

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    You struggling to get into a good book made me think how I’ve struggled to watch anything lately. There are plenty of films I’ve got on my to watch list, yet I’ve been unable to get myself to watch them, with lack of concentration and motivation being a huge barrier. Although I’m still reading, I can’t focus on that for too long either, which is a shame because that’s also my escape and my way of soothing myself. You’re spot on with the whole pushing yourself thing, but it can be hard sometimes to draw that line and you want to do more, but then you end up paying for it afterwards. Definitely frustrating. Good reminder too about muscle strengthening; having turned 31 this year it’s something I should probably work on, especially given recent weight loss after surgery and already having osteopenia. Ugh, not got the motivation for that either. The miserable weather definitely doesn’t help.

    I hope you’re feeling a little brighter this week with less frustrations. I can’t seem to get back into anything new or creative, as much as I keep wanting myself to actually want to (even a little drawing or colouring would be a good start). Fingers crossed it’s a spider-free week as well, but well done on getting that sucker with the catcher! You’re a braver woman than I! ?

    Caz xx

    • Alice says:

      I’m having a much more positive week thank you – 2 days off work is helping, ha ha. I hope you can start to get in to something soon to help – it’s annoying when you can’t isn’t it. I highly recommend The Staircase on Netflix the you’re ready to try something again xx

  2. Despite Pain says:

    I would like a few more hours in the day. Or rather, a few more hours of energy. I sometimes hear about the things other people do and think, how do they fit all that into a day?

    Oh, I recognise that feeling about spiders. If I see one, I can’t lose it. Last week it wasn’t a spider though – it was a giagantic beetle walking across my living room carpet. They walk so fast. I couldn’t take my eyes off it or it would have disappeared and turned up who knows where and when. I had a tissue in my pocket, so managed to grab it to take it outside. Walking through the hall, it ATE it’s way through the tissue and jumped out. It took me fifteen minutes to find it. ?

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