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I don’t usually write or talk about things I’m good at. I suppose you could say that this means I’m good at modesty, but I’m not sure that is a good thing all the time – we should be encouraged to talk more about stuff we are good at; in the right way without showing off or bigging up our egos, of course. In this post for my day 6 Blogtober challenge, I get brave and talk about something I’m proud to say I’m good at.

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Obviously we all have our strengths, and doing something we are good at or that we enjoy doing releases endorphins and makes us feel good. Endorphins are also a natural pain reliever so we should all be encouraged to do more of what we enjoy to help us cope with our chronic pain.

I wasn’t sure what to focus on in this post. I’m good at quite a few different things – driving, writing (hopefully you agree), cooking, thinking of others, time management, and being organised. But one consistent thing that I have been good at since I was a kid, is sport.

I don’t enjoy nor am I good at all sports, but overall I am confident when I play most sports, and I enjoy the competitiveness element too. Racket sports seem to be my favourite – tennis, badminton, squash – but I’ve excelled at most sports:

  • Football – I played at uni (I scored 3 gold in 3 games).
  • Tennis – I won the local town championship.
  • Badminton – I played for my local team and won (most) of my matches.
  • Pool – I played in a pub team and beat my components.
  • Chess – I won my game in the cross-school tournament.
  • Rounders – I scored more rounders than anyone in my team and we won most games.

I’m not bragging by writing this post. I have low confidence and anxiety, and to write about something I am good at is challenging, but it is also a reminder that I can be good at things, and really that I should be playing more sports to make me feel good about myself.

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Tell me something you’re good at.
Do you do it often enough?
Do you enjoy talking about things your good at and your strengths?

Look out for my Blogtober day 7 post tomorrow where I tell you a fact about my chronic pain.


Thank you for reading

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4 thoughts on “Something I’m good at

  1. Raegan says:

    Great post and no, it isn’t bragging at all! I can tell you what I’m NOT good at and that is Pool! In fact, I got skunked while on a holiday in Australia and my husbands cousins convinced me that if you get skunked before someone wins the game, you had to drop your pants and run around the pool table so guess what I did?? Actually, this has the beginnings of a blog post for me now that I think of it! Thanks for the great post!

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