Soft and supple skin care tricks

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There are soooooo many ways that you can take care of your skin to make sure that it is soft and supple. There is nothing as uncomfortable as dry and irritated skin, and many people suffer from both of those things. The last thing anyone with chronic pain needs is more irritation and pain to deal with on top of your existing pains.

Here are some super simple and small tweaks to your routine that can make a huge difference.

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Skin type

Unless you know what your skin type is then you aren’t really going to know what you are up against. If you have tried a range of different creams in the past and had allergic reactions like breakouts or puffy eyes then you know the terror that comes with trial and error!

Potentially you can trigger more significant issues. Everyone’s skin has a natural balance, but you can set off new problems like dryness, inflammation, and blemishes too. 

Typically there are just a few common skin types:

  • Acne prone
  • Dry
  • Mature skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Oily

And of course, you can have combinations of all of those.


The way that you layer your skincare can make a HUGE difference in how it works. It can be the case that there are so many products that you don’t know where to start. Not everyone will need to use every type of product either. 

You can also change your skincare routine depending on which issues you’d like to tackle – like ageing, patches of dry skin or discolouration. 

In general, the order for facial care will be:

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Spot creams and spot patches
  • Serums – remember to pat them on don’t rub them!
  • Eye cream – remember to dab on with your ring finger. Just like the movies gently and in little patting motions. 
  • Moisturiser
  • Oils
  • Sun creams and SPF

You can use most of these creams all the way down your neck and onto décolletages

Lifting and firming creams on your butt and cleavage are a great idea: cellulite creams on lumps and bumps; and slather your whole body in something skin loving like e45

Just give your skin a couple of minutes between each layer, or you might end up closer to a slippery eel than a glowing goddess. 


Many people use far too much product, when a much smaller amount will do the trick. This is because the train of thought is very often the more product you use, the more potent it will be. However, that’s not the case, here are the measurements that you should try:

  • Cleanse – a raspberry sized amount
  • Spot cream – just a dab on the problem area
  • Serums – two pomegranate seeds size
  • Eye cream – a single pomegranate seeds size
  • Moisturiser/night cream – a blueberry sized amount
  • Oils – blueberry sized amount
  • Suncream/SPF- a cherry sized amount will do the trick.

Using the right size amount of product will stop overloading your skin, and will save you money.

Photo by Hanna Postova on Unsplash

A great tip is to remember that you should cleanse twice. The first cleanse should be oil-based, which will take off dirt and grime. The second second cleanser will remove the rest of the residue. This will give you a better base for the rest of your routine.

It would be best if you remembered that when you start a new skincare routine, the chances are quite high that you’re going to have a purge or a breakout on your face. This is where your skin gets rid of dead cells, oils, and other nasties that have built up over time. This does not mean that your routine is not working, it means that your skin is cleaning up and you will see improvement soon.

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