My pain challenge of the week and how I coped with it

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I’ve decided to start a new weekly feature on Notebooks and Glasses to highlight some of the pain challenges that I have and to share how I get through them. 

This week’s pain challenge

This week, for some unknown reason, I have had something that I can only describe as twangs in my Gluteus Maximus – bum muscle – specifically on the right-hand side. This side has always been the worst ever since I’ve had my pain. It’s as though my muscle is suddenly spasming and it causes a sudden sharp muscle pain that only lasts few seconds, but the pain is extremely intense. 

I’ve always had it but it’s just been an occasional annoyance more than anything. It’s happened a lot more frequently over the last few weeks, and the only common factor I can think of is that it generally seems to happen more when I’m walking at a much faster pace. 

This week though, it’s happened when I’ve least expected it and for what seems no apparent reason at all. I was walking quite slowly over to my kitchen sink and suddenly the twang happened. I yelled out in pain and just had to freeze; I didn’t dare move in case the pain hit me again.

The hardest thing about this pain is that it comes on all of a sudden and causes me to react with some audio that seems to be out of my control. This is fine when I’m at home, but not so fine when I’m in public. It’s embarrassing and it hurts.

How did I cope with it

At the time of the pain I just have to let it happen and go with it, as hard as it is. If I’m walking when it happens, I instantly slow down my pace and it seems to gradually disappear. The opposite happens if I keep walking fast – the twangs and pain just carry on.

This week when it happened in my kitchen, I found that when I put intense pressure back on the exact spot where the twang was, although it was pretty damn painful, it seemed to ease it. It was almost my body’s natural reaction to prevent it from twanging and happening again. 

My partner told me to start using my foam roller again to try and stretch out my muscles. The theory of this made sense but I don’t like to use my foam roller in this area as the surface of it is too large and it can easily cause more pain in my coccyx-less area.

Instead, I decided to dig out one of my trigger point balls and use that instead. That way I knew I could control the specific point of pressure and aim it in the right location and on the right muscle.

The image below are the ones similar to what I have. You can get different shapes, sizes, colours, and firmness. I got mine from a local lady that runs trigger point pilates sessions, but you can buy them on Amazon.

Trigger point balls similar to what I use

I’m going to carry on using it several times a day over the next few weeks and see if it reduces the number of twangs and pain.

Your thoughts

What has been your pain challenge of the week? 

How have you coped?

Do you use trigger point balls to help with your pain?

What next

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