My pain challenge of the week and how I coped with it

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This is my weekly post on Notebooks and Glasses where I highlight my pain challenge of the week and how I coped with it. This week, my pain challenge has been trying to stay awake. Stick with me, I’ll explain more…

This week’s pain challenge

Christmas can either be a very stressful time of the year, or a very chilled time, depending what you have planned and what your priorities are. We decided that we wanted the first half of the week to be a relaxing, stress-free, family time, with lots of lounging in our pyjamas in front of the telly.

Now, for me, here lies the problem: it is painful when I sit. So relaxing isn’t the most sensible thing for me to do to help me manage my pain. BUT it is vital to help me manage my wellbeing and make the most of my time off work to properly recharge my batteries.

This hasn’t been my pain challenge of the week though. My challenge has been trying to stay awake, whilst trying to manage my pain. You see, I spend a lot of time lying down to stop me being in pain when I sit. But naturally, you feel more time when you lie down, even more so after a big meal (i.e. Christmas dinner) and a few Christmas drinks. And obviously, when you sleep in the day, it can impact on your sleep at night time.

How did I cope with it

I’m not sure I did to be honest. I tried to sit as long as I could, but this meant I had my sitting pain more. Or when trying to sit to the side to avoid my sitting pain (which I’m not supposed to do) it caused my neck pain. Sometimes I can’t win. I just had to give in and lie down to get as comfy as possible.

Yes, I reduced my pain. Yes, I fell asleep. But the main thing, I was relaxing, and like my partner sad, if I fell asleep, it was what I needed.

We ended up watching some good Christmas films and some box sets on Netflix. And because we had no work or early starts the next day, we stayed up longer and went to bed later, which meant I was able to get a good night sleep despite my napping.

Pain management is about doing what you need to do to manage your pain and your whole self. If you focus on just your pain, other parts of you – like your wellbeing – can suffer. It’s about being sensible, but realistic. It’s about acceptance but not being defeated.

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Your thoughts

What has been your pain challenges over Christmas?

How have you coped?

I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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