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My dreams still come true despite my chronic pain

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Recently one of my biggest dreams came true. During the early days of my chronic pain, I never thought this would happen; it was always something that was at the top of my bucket list and the first thing that I’d do if I ever won the lottery. But things have changed over the last 7 years. Time, my mindset, and some encouragement from other half have proved that my dreams can still come true despite my chronic pain.

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What was my dream?

I’m going to get to the point (because I’m still too excited now to beat about the bush): I went on a motorhome holiday!!! Yes, you read that right. A motorhome; a caravan with an engine; a mobile home. Not most people’s dreams, I imagine. For years, for me, this has been one of the things I’ve always wanted to do.

Why, you’re probably asking

I love camping and being outdoors, and me and one of my Westies (I only had one at the time) used to go camping several years ago before I got my chronic pain: we explored north Wales, the west coast of Scotland, and the Isles of Harris and Lewis. But my pain means I can no longer do it – the campbeds are just too uncomfortable for me now, and I swear my bladder is worse since I had my coccyx removed, and the practicalities of getting up in the the night and going to the campsite toilet were just too much. So the natural upgrade for me was to go camping by motorhome.

I just love the idea of them: home from home, everything neatly packed and organised to be as modern and practical as they possibly can be, and I think they’re just so cosy. I also absolutely love driving – it’s one of my favourite things, but I do find it hard these days because of my pain – so to be able to drive the country roads and pull up in a lay-by with a view, and maybe even cook up a sausage sandwich or two (which we did on our holiday) is just so simple but so liberating.

I also love the fact that it’s basically a mobile bed – which is perfect for me and my pain: I can simply pull up and have a lie down!

A little about my holiday

We didn’t want to go too far as we only had the camper for 6 nights. But at the same time, we wanted to make sure we were going far enough for it to feel like a holiday and that we were getting away. We decided on the south and west coast of Scotland.

I love Scotland. I’ve been going there ever since my early childhood. Whenever I go, it always feels like we are on holiday. The mountains, lochs and coastal scenery are just breathtaking.

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We chose a couple of sea view sites – one near Stranraer and one near Oban. The first was a little busy, especially the second night, but the site near Oban was perfect. On the first evening there (day 3) we just sat at the front of the camper and watched the surroundings, the sun going down, and chatted contently. I didn’t get the orange sunset sky I was hoping for, but it was still the camper van dream setting I’d hoped for.

On day 4 I was full of cold, but determined not to let it spoil our holiday. After a couple of walks and coffee in the local cafe, I had a nap then decided to just keep going. We headed in to Oban and had such a relaxing time walking through the town and some wonderful local fish and chips.

Day 5 and 6 were unplanned, but we found a lovely campsite near Lockerbie and walked through the wonderful woodland. And on day 6 we made sure we were far enough south to get the camper back to base by 11am.

How did it affect my chronic pain?

In all honestly I was a little worried and apprehensive about how I’d get on – the last thing I wanted was to return home in agony due to all the travel. It was never going to stop me going on the holiday, but I had to prepare myself for increased pain.

But I needn’t have worried. During that week, I had the least pain I’d had for years. I still had pain, and I had to be careful. I did so much relaxing, walking, and unwinding, and we had lots of breaks during the travel and driving. It was the exact holiday I needed – physically and mentally.

It did me the world of good, and I can now proudly and (still very excitedly) say that I have been on my dream holiday in a camper van.

Now I want to own one of my own!!

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Your thoughts

Do you dreams still come true despite your chronic pain?

What dreams are they?

Have you been motor homing like me?

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4 thoughts on “My dreams still come true despite my chronic pain

  1. LadyPamelaRose says:

    I’m so happy for you, that this particular dream came true!!! Being able to travel with chronic pain is so challenging, but when you have everything self contained like you did, it makes it so much easier. The ability to set up camp and then just relax is wonderful…nothing like an evening in front of a camp fire and then a cozy bed to curl up in!!

    It sounds like the areas of Scotland you were in were just beautiful….and that must have truly enhanced your trip. Congratulations for being able to do this and I hope it happens for you again!!

  2. Despite Pain says:

    How lovely! I am glad you were able to do this. I understand that dream!!! We hired a camper many years ago and toured around Scotland. It’s the best way to do it and I think, especially so for someone with a disability. Scotland has so much beautiful scenery (of course, I am a wee bit biased!) but there are many places where you can just park up the camper without going to a site. It means you can just lie down and relax any time you need to.

    We’d love to do it again some time. Maybe one day..

  3. Invisibly Me says:

    Aww this is fantastic, I’m so glad you got to go! It’s definitely a challenge to get away with chronic pain and all the other issues we may have (like bladder issues!) so you should be really proud of yourself for facing it head on and giving it your best shot. I think you did brilliantly. I’ve never been to Scotland but I’d love to go one day, and even though I’d never considered staying in a camper you’ve made me think that could actually be an excellent idea to consider! Such an uplifting and encouraging post, and it’s absolutely brilliant you had a great time! ?
    Caz xx

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