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I thought I’d do something a little different on the blog today and talk about someone who you may find extremely helpful. Dave Cottrell, aka Mindset by Dave, asked his followers to tell one person about his Instagram page, so I wanted to tell you, my readers, about him. This was a few days ago, but better late than never. And I really think Dave can help just about anyone in some way or other.

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Who is Dave Cottrell and Mindset by Dave?

Dave is wonderful. He is a Progress Coach who has the aim of ‘helping you to realise how awesome you are’. His focus is around mindset and mental health. He uses simple, easy to understand language and plain English to explain how we can make small changes and learn to think differently about ourselves and our beliefs.

Dave also runs a project called #ALifeADay and he helped 365 people in 2018 and wants to achieve that again in 2019. And he does this for free!

I took part in #ALifeADay just before Christmas and we talked about my anxiety. I got a better understanding of how anxiety affects us and I got some tips and ideas to help me make some changes in how I think and not let my anxiety take over.

Where can you find Dave Cottrell and Mindset by Dave?

On Instagram.

On Facebook.

On Twitter.

On his Podcast.

On his website.

Part of The 80/20 Lifestyle Plan by Daniel Wheeler.

How can Dave Cottrell and Mindset by Dave help you?

Everyone has mental health but lots of people with chronic pain struggle with things such as anxiety, depression, and stress. Just by following Dave on Instagram, Facebook, or listening to his Podcast, I guarantee you will gain something from what he has to share and say.

Your thoughts

Give him a follow and let know what you think and how he helps you.

Do you already follow him? How has he helped you?

Have you done #ALifeADay?

Thank you for reading
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