Mindset 101: How to implement good organisation into all parts of your life

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Whether chronic pain is a part of your daily life or not, I truly believe that good organisation and planning skills are your best friend. When you are organised, you will achieve a far greater sense of control, which will reduce stress and give you a clearer mind.

The benefits are evident, but how can you ensure that you’re organised in all aspects of your life? Focus on these five steps, as outlined in this sponsored post, and you won’t go wrong.

Organise your thoughts

It sounds obvious, but the first step on the road to success is to organise your thoughts. When you have multiple ideas, responsibilities, and concerns to contend with, it is very hard to keep your life on track. The personal reward is just one of the reasons I wrote my chronic pain book.

Even if you’re not hoping to help others, putting things onto paper is a therapeutic exercise. It clears your mind, and can help you identify any issues that may require attention. 

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Organise your money

Financial stress is perhaps the most common form of stress in the modern era. The feeling has scaled new heights in the last year or so due to the pandemic. As such, gaining a clear understanding of where your finances stand should be a priority for all.

There are various apps to help manage your spending or organise your bill payments. For the best results, you can support this process by investing in your credit score. Your mind will subsequently achieve a far greater level of peace.

Organise your time

Time is the most valuable resource at anyone’s disposal. Organising it in a more effective fashion will unlock the door to a far happier future. A diary or schedule can work wonders in this sense. Crucially, though, you need to invest in a routine that will allow you to complete the essential daily tasks.

Winning sleep patterns, regular exercise, and family time will all play a positive role. Without organisation, it’s likely that any free time you do gain will be wasted.

Organise your business

If you own a small business it’s far better to be organised in this area of your life. After all, you dedicate far too many hours of your week to this task for it to go unnoticed. This can take many forms. You may want to organise your books in libraries or workspaces, redesign your work space, or get staff matters under better control.

A controlled and calmer working day will bring a plethora of rewards to your recreational life. This should extend to having trustworthy people to take over when you’re unavailable.

Organise your relationships

It might sound a slightly odd thing to say, but you cannot deny the impact of this feature. You know lots of people, and are probably guilty of dedicating time to the wrong people.

Prioritising interactions with the ones that deserve your time is vital. Take time to analyse the value of friendships and acquaintances. Organising a date night maybe what you or your partner need, or maybe you need to catch up with an old school friend who you’ve not seen for some time. Only a few people truly change your life. Embrace it.

Good organisation alone won’t guarantee happiness in your life. Nevertheless, its influence on your mental wellbeing is simply incredible.

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