I’m so glad I…went for afternoon tea at Patisserie Valerie

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For Mother’s Day last year I bought my Mum a Buy a Gift Afternoon Tea voucher and we finally got round to redeeming it this week. We went to Patisserie Valerie in Shrewsbury and ate so much cake!

I didn’t let my chronic pain stop me buying this gift for my Mum, nor would I let it stop me spending some (more) quality time together (read my previous I’m so glad I… post about our time at the recent Alfie Boe concert). I knew I’d have some traveling to do to get to Shrewsbury, and I knew I’d be sitting down whilst having our afternoon tea. But I was determined to enjoy myself once again despite my pain.

What I didn’t account for was my endometriosis pain kicking in that morning. I’d had it a few days before as well, so I knew I had to make sure I was as prepared as I could be to stop it spoiling my day. I woke up with pain at around 3:30am and took two lots of painkillers. I also got up early and used a hot water bottle for an hour or so to help keep the pain at bay. This seemed to do the trick and I was extremely grateful that it went before we left then house.

It took half an hour drive to get to the Park and Ride outside Shrewsbury town centre, and then about a 12 minute journey on the bus. I used my coccyx cut-out cushion in the car like I always do, but didn’t want to take it on the bus or in to town. I’m still too embarrassed to use it and knew it would be too wide for the bus seats anyway.

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We decided to go for our afternoon tea at about 12ish. Because were in town early, we pottered round the shops first and this gave me the opportunity to walk about and stretch my muscles, which is all part of my pain management.

Shrewsbury has a fantastic variety of small independent shops, including a well-stocked kitchen shop where I could quite easily have spent a fortune, and a deli shop selling everything from local beers to olives and cheeses. There are a good mix of the usual high street stores too. We called in to Waterstones where I found a huge selection of Moleskine planners and notebooks, and my Mum bought me a pair of Westie socks from Fat Face (one of my favourite clothing?stores).

Just after 12pm we got to Patisserie Valerie and ordered our afternoon tea. We both ordered the Americano coffee with hot milk (always a favourite of mine) and shortly after, the food stand arrived. I’ve had a few afternoon teas before, so I knew what to expect, and although my Mum read the blurb in the Buy a Gift booklet with the voucher, she’d never actually been for afternoon tea before – I didn’t know this when I bought it – so she was pleasantly surprised at the amount of food there was.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

The front of the Patisserie Valerie store in Shrewsbury

Patisserie Valerie in Shrewsbury where we had our afternoon tea


The delicious food in our afternoon tea - finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and a selection of 6 mini cakes

The delicious food in our afternoon tea – finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and a selection of 6 mini cakes


An image of the Patisserie Valerie cup and saucer

The coffee was delicious – we even bought a bag of ground coffee each to take home with us!


The amazing selection of cakes in the window

The amazing selection of cakes in the window

four free cakes to take home

The voucher we used also entitled us to take home four free cakes. I thought this might include a limited selection, or maybe the same four cakes. But no, we could choose from any of the cakes in the window. Amazing!

My Mum and I couldn’t eat everything on our cake stand either, so we also took home some of the mini cakes and two of the scones too. These were boxed up along with our four free cakes, and we also had a bag for our ground coffee. We are fully loaded up with Patisserie Valerie bags when we got back on the Park and Ride bus.

a few more photos of our time in Shrewsbury

A photo of a Patisserie Valerie cake box in a bag

One of our two boxes of cakes – these were the ones we couldn’t eat from the afternoon tea stand


The box of four free cakes!

The box of four free cakes!


Two of the four free cakes - a chocolate cheesecake and a vanilla custard slide

Two of the four free cakes – I forgot to take a photo of all four.


A photo of a selection of cheese in the deli counter

Just some of the cheese is the deli shop


A wonderful selection of Moleksine notebooks and planners

A wonderful selection of Moleksine notebooks and planners


The Westie socks my Mum bought me from Fat Face

The Westie socks my Mum bought me from Fat Face

Future I’m so glad I… posts

I will be sharing more short posts about the things I’m glad I do. This is one of the ways I hope to inspire others to carry on doing the things they enjoy despite their pain.

If you too suffer from chronic pain or chronic illness, I’d love to know what things you are glad you do. Comment below and share your stories.

Thank you for reading

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4 thoughts on “I’m so glad I…went for afternoon tea at Patisserie Valerie

  1. ellen best says:

    We are Siameese twins joined by our likes and conditions. PV was always my place to go when I was near one. At seventeen poly cystic ovaries crippled my life, as if that wasn’t enough for me Endometriosis joined in; or was diagnosed in my late teens. Now at sixty with all that could be removed has been many years ago … but I still have the bugger. How the bejeepers it got in my bowel beggars belief. Any way despite it all I not without complications had three children (all long legs and own lives now) . I still treat myself to a rare but always lovely patisserie Valerie. And with the arrival of our fifth grandchild a few days ago I can say it was worth it. Xx I hope treatment has improved in the last 40 years and one day it can be eradicated …. painlessly with patisserie V on prescription. .

    • Alice says:

      Oh I’m sorry to read about your Endo struggles. It’s a horrible condition to have, isn’t it. I have stage 4, which means it has spread quite a bit, but I’m currently on some injections to try and control it. I will be doing a blog post about it soon. PV definitely needs to be on the prescription list πŸ˜€

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