I’m so glad I…did all that travelling even though it caused so much more pain

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The other week I drove 4 hours to meet my nephew, 2 hours to attend a family funeral, and this week I am 6 hours north on holiday in the Scottish Highlands. I don’t travel well with my chronic sitting pain; I don’t let it stop me, but it hurts. Here’s one of my?I’m so glad I… posts about why I’m glad I’ve done lots of travelling despite being in a lot of pain.

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One of the reasons why I drive so much despite my pain, is that I love it so much. I have always loved driving. It’s something that I am good at and when we work to our strengths or do things we enjoy it can make us feel good, give us a sense of pride, and release some endorphins that are a natural pain relief. Don’t get me wrong, I have to be sensible – have regular breaks, use my coccyx cut-out cushion, and even break up the journey by stopping overnight somewhere.

I also love to travel. Getting away from home and my daily routine does me the world of good. It makes me feel refreshed, and depending where I go, it can really make me change my outlook on certain things in my life. I’ve made huge life-changing decisions when on holiday in the past; things just seem easier to think about when you have more freedom and you don’t have the hustle and bustle of work and chores to take over.

Life can also dictate when we need to travel. I wanted to meet my nephew as soon as possible – I met him when he was one week old – and I was prepared to travel the 4 hours needed to get there. I also wanted to attend a family funeral back in my hometown in Yorkshire. I wanted to show my support and see some relatives I hardly get to see. The clich? of only seeing family and weddings and funerals is definitely true.

My pain is definitely worse and harder to manage as a result of more sitting and travelling. I was in the hotel foyer having a coffee and eating a cake whilst writing this post, and really struggling to get comfy – fidgeting, changing positions, leaning forwards, sidewards, and typing away as quickly as I could to get my thoughts written down. But even this was an enjoyable change of scenery for writing a blog post.

Yes my pain is worse. Yes I still have the 6 hour journey to get back home, but I’m so glad I’ve done all this travelling anyway. I’ve experienced new things, tried new foods, seen new sights, reconnected with family, met new family, learned to love in new ways, and realise what is important.?Life is too short to allow our pain to stop us doing things that give us enjoyment and to help us see and learn new things. It’s taken time, but I’ve learned to identify what is possible by assessing the barriers, and finding solutions to make things possible, and enjoying life as best I can.

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