If Kinesiology Tape is good enough for Pink, it’s good enough for me

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I was incredibly lucky to get tickets for the recent Pink concert at Anfield, Liverpool. I’ve seen her twice previously and knew I would be wowed by the show. I didn’t expect to be wowed by the fact that she was wearing Kinesiology (Kinesio) Tape though – and if it’s good enough for her, it’s certainly good enough for me.

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Pink always puts on an incredible performance. She doesn’t just sing on stage; she dances and does gymnastics at the same time as singing. Some of the moves she pulls off while hitting every note in tune is utterly brilliant.

In hindsight, I was both surprised and not surprised to see her wearing the Kinesiology Tape (also known as physio tape) – in the black variety (not pink, as you’d expect). I was surprised because it reinforced that when I wear it, I’m not being dramatic, and it must do some good for me. And I was not surprised because of the strain and tension she must put her muscles through, it makes sense that she uses it to possibly help support her muscles, keep the blood flowing, and maybe even to reduce any pain that she has due to an injury or whatever. I just wish I could say that I used it for such awe-inspiring purposes as being able to swing through the air on a tightrope and sing at the same time. But I can’t.

Pink wearing Kinesiology tape

I’ve spoken about Kinesio Tape in a few of my blog posts and how I use it to help my neck pain. I don’t fully understand the science behind the tape, but when I asked my physio how it works, he said the position of the tape on my back takes some of the strain away from my neck muscles and directs it to my spine. I’ve also had it in a slightly different pattern before – more like a cross on my back – which keeps the muscles in place to improve my posture.

I don’t use it as much as I used to as these days I find it really irritates my skin, and the itching can drive me crazy; especially as the tape is on my back and I often can’t get to the bit that needs scratching. My physio always says to take the tape off if it starts to irritate the skin, so I do.

My Kinesiology Tape – in my favourite colour, pink

I used to be able to wear it for up to 4 or 5 days, but now I can barely get past 24 hours. I’m not sure why this is now the case, but I wonder if it’s due to something in the glue, or whether it’s because the tape is a little older now than when I first bought it. I stocked up and have 4 rolls in – I wanted plenty to hand and also liked the fact that I had different colours to use.

Now I tend to wear the tape when my neck pain is more painful than normal and it really does help me get through the day. I still highly rate it, and because I am lucky that my partner can put it on for me, I save a lot of money by not booking an appointment to see my physio.

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5 thoughts on “If Kinesiology Tape is good enough for Pink, it’s good enough for me

  1. Bad Girl Bex says:

    I just imagine it being like a sticking plaster that pulls at all the little tiny invisible hairs that are all over the body, when trying to remove it, lol. Visions of me feeling better after having used it to help my neck & shoulders, only to have all benefits immediately evaporate as soon as I need to take it off and require the assistance of someone else, to rip it off all in one go, spring to mind. I’m coming out in goosebumps just thinking about the little hairs on the back on my neck being ripped out…gah! Lol x

  2. Invisibly Me says:

    Ooo this is really interesting as I’ve never used it myself, and had no idea really how it worked or how long you wore it for. I can imagine using it for a short spell then wanting to get it off too, but if it saves money on physio then it’s worth trying! xx

  3. Despite Pain says:

    I haven’t tried kinesiology tape, but a physio used to tape me up with medical tape many years ago and I found it helpful, but was always glad to remove it.

    But, I am envious at you seeing Pink. She’s amazing, isn’t she.

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