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In a previous post, I spoke about exercising with chronic pain. There are different sports you can get involved in, depending on the pain you suffer. Cricket is one of those sports, but you will likely need to make several purchases in order to start playing the game. 

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One of these purchases is of course a cricket bat. If you take a look on the internet you will see that you have a huge number of cricket bats to select from. There are lots of factors you have to take into account in order to find the right cricket bat for you. This includes the likes of size, brand, price, weight, grains and so on and so forth. Weight is especially important when coping with chronic pain. One of the most pivotal factors that has to be considered is the material of the bat, which is what this post is designed to help you with.

When it comes to buying cricket bats you generally have two options to pick from in regards to the material. This is English willow and Kashmir willow. As you may have gathered from the name, Kashmir willow comes from India. A lot of people end up buying Kashmir willow cricket bats because they are typically available at a much cheaper price. However, they are cheaper for a reason, and this is because they are significantly lower in quality when contrasted with bats that have been made from English willow. 

Of course this does not mean you should always go for an English willow cricket bat. If you are on a really tight budget and simply want to discover whether the game is for you, then by all means go for a Kashmir cricket bat. You can then discover whether cricket is the game for you, and if you think it is you can start saving for a better quality English willow cricket bat. However, if performance is pivotal to you, then you do need to go for an English willow cricket bat.

Why are English willow cricket bats of a better quality? Well, the main reason is because the willow is a lot softer, and therefore you will be able to find that elusive sweet spot. It is impossible to find the sweet spot when striking the ball with a Kashmir willow bat, as they are too hard. You will immediately notice the difference between the two when you start playing. Plus, if you are playing in competitive matches and such like, you don’t want to use a Kashmir willow bat, as it is likely to have a detrimental impact on your performance.

Of course, you can’t blame your tools, though, Cricket is a demanding sport; more demanding than people realise. Practice makes perfect but keeping up your fitness in other areas is just as vital. Consider a service like Expert PT for this to ensure the best results.

If you find that English willow cricket bats are out of your price range, why not take a look in the sale section of a website? You will be able to purchase last season’s products for half of the price. The discounts are astounding. The bats will not be of any less of a quality, they will have simply been discontinued in favour of this season’s items and thus companies look to sell the bats at a lower rate in order to get rid of the surplus stock they have. By doing this, you may find that an English willow bat becomes in your price range.

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