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Gemstones And Their Symbolization

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I’ve got something completely different on the blog today. In this blog post, we are going to take a look at some of the best gemstones in further detail.

Blue gemstones in silver chain


The ancient Persians believed that the earth rested on a huge sapphire, and the adoration for this gemstone has never dwindled ever since, albeit we admire it in a different manner; for its striking blue shade, ranging from pale blue to dark blue, with most people preferring the deeper shades. Despite this, sapphire is available in a wide range of colors, with the exception of red.

Sapphire is the ideal gift for many occasions, with sapphire engagement rings booming in popularity, especially since Prince William presented Kate Middleton with a sapphire engagement ring that had been passed down from Princess Diana. Aside from this, sapphire is the gemstone for a 55th anniversary and the birthstone for September. It symbolizes enduring love and charm, which is undoubtedly a beautiful message.


Tourmaline is one of the most interesting and beautiful gemstones, as they can boast fascinating and unique color effects, with ‘watermelon’ tourmalines being a prime example. Watermelon tourmalines are sometimes green at one end and pink at the other, or they can be green on the outside and when they are sliced they boast a pink center.

Tourmaline is available in a wide variety of colors, including black, brown, yellow, green, red, pink and blue. It boasts a Mohs hardness of 7-7.5 and can be found in the likes of Russia, Mozambique, Africa, and the US.

You can find a varied assortment of tourmaline jewelry pieces available today, with the gemstone often mixed with other varieties to create a unique, striking and colorful piece.


Tanzanite is a gemstone that is available in stunning shades of blue, from cornflower blue to the deepest shade of indigo. It is a versatile gemstone, which can be used to create classic and vintage jewelry designs as well as modern and chic pieces, and this is why many jewelry makers adore it.

Tanzanite can be found in Tanzania and Pakistan, and it boasts a Mohs hardness of 6-7. Surprisingly, tanzanite is a dull brown color in its natural form; however, it changes to a blue shade when it is heated to around 600 degrees Celsius. Aside from making stunning jewelry pieces, tanzanite is considered a great stone for meditation. Check out Love Spell Talismans & Amulets if you want another gift to combine with this. Creating your own spiritual hamper, for instance, could be perfect for someone special.


Pearls are a picture of elegance, luxuriousness and purity; they epitomise grace and symbolise chastity and modesty. As June’s birthstone, pearl jewellery makes the ideal gift for anyone that is born in this month. It is also the gemstone for 30th wedding anniversaries.

There are many different types of pearls, with Akoya and Freshwater pearls being two of the most popular. Freshwater pearls are mostly cultured in China’s freshwater lakes and rivers, and they offer affordable elegance whereas Akoya pearls are farmed in Chinese and Japanese ocean water, and they are known for their mirror-like lustre. Simulated pearls are ‘faux’ pearls, which are made from the finest materials to recreate the cultured pearl look at a low price.

Pearls are rated on a scale of A, to AA, to AAA, with the latter representing heirloom quality while AA pearls are ideal for special occasions and pearls of an A rating are of everyday wear quality. When pearls are rated, several different factors are taking into consideration, including shape, nacre, lustre, surface and the general quality overall.

Pearls are used in a wide variety of jewellery designs, and they have a long history in the world of jewellery, with their use prevalent during the Roman era when pearls from the Red Sea served as adornment for chandelier style earrings. Today, pearls are used in everything from bracelets and necklaces to rings and pendants.


Peridot is a gemstone that is available in beautiful and vibrant shades of green, and it is one of the few gemstones to only occur in one color. It is the birthstone of August, making Peridot jewelry the ideal gift for anyone born in this month. The gemstone symbols trust, serenity, and gladness, which sends a beautiful message to anyone you are close to.

While Peridot may be stunning on the eye, it is also of a high quality, boasting a Mohs hardness of 6.5-7. It is a gemstone with a long history in jewelry design, with Peridot chandelier style earrings that were set into gold being a common feature in the 19th century.


Obsidian is widely used in jewelry, with some types being highly valuable and very rare. There are many different patterns and colors available, which is why Obsidian is so popular in jewelry design. It is produced by volcanic flows and is a glass-like mineral.

The shiny surface of obsidian appeals to many, making it a popular choice for beaded necklaces and charm bracelets, yet it is worth pointing out that this gemstone is quite soft, with a Mohs hardness rating of 5.0-5.5. It is not uncommon for interesting effects, such as a rainbow sheen or gold sheen, to be created when small bubbles of air are found within the stone.


Morganite is a stunning gemstone, which comes in beautiful shades of pink, ranging from peach to rose-lilac. Despite its delicate appearance, this is a strong and durable stone, boasting a Mohs hardness of 7.5-8, thus exceptional levels of quality are guaranteed.

Morganite is named after John Pierpont Morgan, a banker tycoon, and gem enthusiast. John Pierpont Morgan was the most affluent customer of famous gem buyer George Kunz, and he named Morganite after him; prior to this, it was known as pink beryl.

Morganite jewelry makes the ideal gift for anyone who loves feminine jewelry designs. If you are looking for something extra special, this is a good gemstone to go for.

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