Foods that Could Help you to Decrease Inflammation and Pain

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Nobody wants to be in pain, but usually it passes with time. If you suffer from chronic pain however then the pain might not go away for weeks, or even months. This can have a debilitating effect on your life and it can also impact your level of social activity as well. If you want to try and avoid all of this then there are some foods that you can incorporate into your diet. When you do this, you can easily reduce inflammation and you can also control your pain much more efficiently.


Ginger is essentially a traditional medicine. It is great at combating nausea, which is great if your pain is so bad that it makes you feel physically sick. Ginger is also fantastic at fighting pain and it is ideal for aching joints. This is especially the case if you have arthritis or even menstrual cramps. If you find it hard to eat a lot of ginger, or if you just don’t like it then you have nothing to worry about here. You can easily take a concentrated form in a capsule. One study found ginger tablets or capsules worked as well as over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen at relieving period pain.

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Blueberries are essentially juicy little gems. They contain a lot of phytonutrients and they can help to fight inflammation and they can also lessen pain as well. If you are worried about not being able to get fresh berries then you have nothing to worry about, because you can easily buy them frozen. They come with the same, if not more nutrients when compared to fresh, and they even have the same antioxidants. They are ideal if you suffer from pain because they can help to lower your muscle swelling too. If you just don’t like blueberries for any reason then you can choose other fruit that comes with the same nutrients. This can include strawberries, oranges and more. If you want to get the biggest and the best effect then why not think about making up some smoothies? Fruits like this are also fantastic for fighting heartburn. If this is something you struggle with then you can look into Zantac.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pepitas really are a fantastic source of magnesium. This means if you suffer from migraines, it can cut down on the intensity of them. It can also help you to treat osteoporosis as well. If you want to increase the amount of magnesium that you have in your diet then you can easily boost the amount of spinach, kale, beans, cashews and even lentils you have in your diet.


Salmon is absolutely packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon should always be one of the many types of fish that you include in your diet. It can help you to relieve joint tenderness and this is ideal if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. Other varieties of cold water fish include tuna, mackerel and even sardines. Catfish on the other hand may boost your inflammation, making the problem worse so do keep that in mind.

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  1. Caz / InvisiblyMe says:

    I don’t eat anything from the sea (lifelong phobia of the thought of eating seafood & fish!) so salmon is out, but I’ll have to look into ginger capsules, that could definitely be a good one to try =]

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