Don’t let your chronic pain stop you being proud of yourself

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A huge part of living with a chronic condition is learning to accept yourself for who you are. Having the right mindset can help you understand and manage your illness or pain, and you can even start to see some of the good in where you are in life right now. One way of doing this is by being proud of yourself. In this post I help you see the good stuff that you should be proud of.

Why it’s important to be proud of yourself

Being proud of yourself can boost your happiness and wellbeing, help reduce stress, and help you get more joy and success out of life. It automatically gives you a positive feeling about who you are and on your outlook on life in general. There are some good reasons in this post that can help you be proud of yourself.

You are more than just your pain or illness

Your chronic pain or illness do not define you. Yes, it has probably changed your life forever. Yes, it is a huge part of your life. Yes, you need to think about your pain and illness to help you manage it, but you are not your condition. Your condition is a part of you. And you need to learn to be proud of yourself despite living with the daily struggles of what your pain and illness throw at you.

You’ve learned (or are learning) to cope

Naturally we all have to learn to cope and manage our health more so than before. And naturally you will adapt. It can be hard, but you need to be proud of how you are coping with what life has dealt your way.

You’re resilient

By being adaptable, reacting to the changes in your life, and bouncing back from the tough days, you are showing that you are resilient. No doubt you’ve had to do things differently from before your pain or illness started, and by adapting and learning to do things differently (for example, I now use my coccyx cut-out cushion to allow me to sit) you’ve shown that you can bounce back and recover, and you should be proud.

Some of you may still be on this journey to trying to live as normal life as you can. Stick with it, be open to new things and ways of doing things. It can be done. But be proud of yourself for giving things a go, for trying, and for not giving in.

You’re learning new skills

The quote below sums up a new skill I have learned – I can sit in pain but I have learned not to show it, especially when I’m with people other than my other half. I don’t like the attention from it. I often say, just because I’m used to it, doesn’t mean it no longer hurts. It does hurt, and some days are hard to cope. But I am proud of myself for learning these skills.

Taken from the Facebook page Chronic Pain Quotes

I’m also proud at my organising skills. I have a rubbish memory at times, especially when my pain is bad, and I need to be organised to help me remember to get things done. I have developed a system that works and I am proud that I do everything that I do.

Learn to be proud of your pain or illness

I’m proud to say that I am happy with who I am now, and yes some of that is as a result of my chronic pain. I have lived with coccydynia since 2012 and it has changed me. I’ve been angry, frustrated, fed up of being in so much pain for doing a simple thing like sitting, but it has shaped me in to who I am today.

I have changed in lots of ways: my career had to take a drastic turn but I have achieved so much since changing jobs; I have learned to be grateful for the small little things; I have focused more on self-care than ever before. And all of this has been because of my pain. So, yes I am proud of my pain and who it has made me today.

Are you proud of who you are?

Let me know in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “Don’t let your chronic pain stop you being proud of yourself

  1. gemmaorton says:

    It’s not always easy to remember things sometimes, until another person reminds you. We are definitely more than the illness that can consume so much of us. And should be proud of what we can do, how we deal with things, and what we’ve achieved. Wise words.

  2. Nikki says:

    Yeah I don’t like this idea I am supposed to be wallowing in misery all the time. I worked hard to deal with my depression. I worked hard to cope with unmanaged pain. I have developed ways to cope that work for me while I am not working anyway… working sort of ruins all that… but that is another story. I am dealing with low functionality due to vertigo and coping well because I have developed the resilience to do so. I do not Like it but I am coping well. And that is all good to me

  3. Despite Pain says:

    I agree with this so much. Sometimes it’s difficult to see anything apart from our pain or illness, but that means we need to look a wee bit harder. There’s always more to us. And yes, we ought to be proud of ourselves. Lovely post.

  4. Invisibly Me says:

    Very uplifting post! I do think it’s important, especially when there’s a lot of negatives that come with living with chronic illness/pain, to take another perspective to see the positives. Those positives include how much we’ve grown, the ways we manage to cope no matter what, the many things for which we should be proud. Very well said, Alice! xx

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