Do you need to change your diet?

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When people think about their diet, they think about the impact that it’s having to their waistline. The thing is, the food that you eat has a much bigger impact on the body as a whole, and what you eat will affect your brain, your eyes, your muscles, your heart – you name it, your body is affected. There’s a reason that they say “you are what you eat”, and it’s because your diet is going to affect everything about your body, including your productivity and skin clarity.

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So, if you’re feeling rough, you need to think about your diet and what you’re eating. I’ve spoken about this topic before in my lifestyle medicine blog post. Sometimes, the things that you are eating are having a negative affect on your body, and you have to identify what the problem is and see if food is causing it. If your muscles are hurting, you treat it with ice, rest and Xylocaine gel to get rid of the pain.

But what about internally? To answer the question of whether you need to change your diet, that comes down to you and how you feel. Take a look below, and we’ll see whether you need to think about changing your diet.

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You’re feeling gassy…all the time

There’s nothing more painful than being constantly bloated. It’s a good indicator that your diet is poor as you are full of wind and cramping is the result of that. If you get bloated after drinking milk or eating cheese, then lactose intolerance comes to mind. Some people are intolerant to dairy in high levels, while others have an instant reaction. 

You are constantly constipated

Constipation is painful, and if you have enough fibre in your diet you shouldn’t have this problem. There is every chance that you should start upping your fibre, but if you already eat enough then you need to see your doctor and see what’s going on!

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You can’t fill your stomach

Hunger strikes at the most inconvenient moments, and while willpower has everything to do with controlling the amount of sugary and high-fat foods you eat, you do need to think about whether you are getting the right nutrients. Binging on food is almost always because of the fact that you aren’t getting enough or are lacking in a certain vitamin. It’s time for a change!

You’re eliminating food groups

The healthiest diets are those that have every food group involved. Eliminating food groups is not the healthy answer here, as every single food group is essential to your health. Protein, fat, carbohydrates and fibre are all a must! 

You’re cranky all the time

Did you know that your food intake can affect your mood? Cutting back and restricting too much can irritate you as you are constantly hungry. Low mood is also linked to low blood sugar, which is never fun to deal with.

Whether you are dealing with achy bones and muscles, or your body is bloating from the wrong food group, you should always speak to a doctor if you are concerned about the way your body is behaving. 

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