Can You Indulge In Healthy Ways?

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When hearing the term ‘indulge’ or ?indulgence,? we often think about those guilty pleasures that leave us living an unhealthy lifestyle, perhaps contributing to the difficulty of a health condition or simply leaving us feeling lethargic and potentially unhappy. For example, it might be tempting to eat the whole of your birthday cake or approximately one million chocolate Easter eggs each year, but this can often lead us to feeling quite unhealthy, and our waistline will potentially reflect that fact also. But can you indulge in healthy ways? Is it possible to do, or is the whole affair self-defeating from the beginning?

We?d argue that there is always a healthier and alternative option to help you live your best life. Consider these following methods for doing just that?

Limiting Vices

Limiting your vices is essential to being a competent, healthy and happy person. The best way to find out your vices is to watch yourself closely for two weeks. How do you behave? What do you do on a daily basis? Do you find yourself enjoying evenings in the local bar nursing a glass of whiskey or two? Do you find yourself smoking two packs a day? How do you feel when walking past a betting shop? Everyone has an Achilles heel, but everyone can also resolve that weakness and live a better life.

Indulging in healthier ways means finding better methods of building new hobbies. For example, an Aspire Tank can work to help you out of a smoking habit. It could be that relaxing at the beach with a book can take the place of sitting in a bar in the evenings. Not all bad habits are as obvious as the ones we have listed, but as the Greek philosopher Socrates once said: ?The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.?

Learning New Pleasures

With this previous quote in mind, remember that hobbies aren?t always there to try to help you in the long-term. It?s ok to have a little fun, in fact often this is the best way to work towards mastery. Learning new pleasures might be somewhat strange to feel when you haven?t enjoyed something novel in a new time. You?ll quickly realise that indulging in your negative manner doesn?t FEEL good. For example, feasting on a huge meal that is way too much for what you can handle may feel wonderful in the moment, but then the next two hours spent comatose on your couch can feel terrible, especially if you need to do something important afterwards. No one enjoys waking up with a wine hangover. Learning new pleasures might be as simple as learning the value of waking up early and watching the sunrise on your front porch, beginning to paint, or perhaps starting to write down your thoughts in a journal.

The only way to ever build a new hobby successfully is to work at it piece by piece. You need to enjoy that process. You need to feel nourished by it. So, perhaps the best Doctors orders you can be given is to nurse your love for something. You?d be surprised as to how much this can colour your days, and nourish your emotions each and every week, sometimes in expression, sometimes in relaxation, sometimes in contentment.

Activity & Lounging

If all of this sounds like a little too much mental work, sometimes boiling down hobbies and indulgences to their constituent elements can be worthwhile. For example, let?s say you really enjoy playing PC games. Instead of sitting down all day playing them during your days off work, might you install a standing desk or a desk bicycle to help you gain some physical activity? However, this might simply be that you negotiate with yourself. For every hour of gameplay you may undertake some physical activity, or perhaps simply visit the places in your video games if they?re inspired by real life. Getting more activity in your indulgent hobbies helps you make the most of your health and always allows you to build towards something good.

Social Fun

Time spent enjoying yourself is never time wasted. For that reason, it might be that you limit indulging in unhealthy food when with your friends, or perhaps even offer healthier alternatives when out. You needn?t head to the bar to enjoy your friends at the weekend. You might sign yourself up for a class, or visit a location and explore, or do anything at all. Social fun is important and can help you feel comfortable in your surroundings. This itself can serve as the healthy alternative you may be lacking.

With these simple indulgent tips, you may find some real personal utility in it all.

This is a collaborative post.
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