August Link Up Party with A Chronic Voice

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These Link Up Party posts are such fun to do. Here’s my August post – I hope you enjoy it. Scroll down to the bottom to read how to get involved.

The 5 prompts for August: figuring, completing, boring, cuddling, chatting


One of the challenges I face with my chronic pain is when I go away from my ‘safe environment’ of home. At home I can do as I please and not explain anything to anyone. Sometimes when we have guests I may explain why I’m lying down or sitting on a weird looking cushion; but on the whole my home is my palace and I don’t have to justify what I’m doing. Before I go out, I have to start planning how to manage my pain and figuring out how and what I can do for the best so that I am not making things worse for myself.

For example, I wrote this blog post at a local caf? where I knew there was comfy seating. I also like to sit at the side or back of the room so that I don’t feel I am being watched too much if I start stretching or moving awkwardly to get comfy. This caf? has a large floor space and there are lots of options to sit where I prefer. I also wanted to arrive early before the Saturday morning rush hour (if such a thing exists) and have more choice. Had I arrived and the best seats were taken, then I would have had to walk away. Figuring all this out before arriving means that I don’t have added anxieties at the time – which makes my pain worse.

All this stuff takes up a lot of energy, but it is essential to carry on doing the things I enjoy.

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How many of us move on to something new before completing what we are already doing? I get excited about doing new things, and more often than I should, I have lots of things ongoing when really I need to complete tasks first. I have lots of blog post ideas and start writing new content, so this means I have several posts on the go. I start reading one book then dive in to read another. I (reluctantly) start doing several chores at once in an attempt to get more done.

All this can be quite exhausting and we never really feel we are getting anything done. Well I don’t anyway. I think I work in this way so that I don’t forget to do stuff, or I feel like I am being more productive by doing several things at once, when really I’m not. I need to make things easier for myself and complete one thing at a time. And as organised as I am, I need to come up with a better system so I don’t forget to do everything else.


Some things in life are just?boring. For me, these are things like housework, gardening, and food shopping. I just don’t enjoy them but they are things that I can’t avoid. Me and (my amazing) other half take it in turns to do the food shop and this works well. Or I make sure I do it at a time that causes the least about of stress and time, say in the evening when it’s not as busy. The best thing about doing these boring things is that?I feel an even bigger sense of achievement once they are done and this helps motivate me to keep going – sometimes anyway.

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In my post Why chronic pain can be a good thing, I write about how important my family are to me. And one of my favourite things to do is have family cuddle time on the sofa, or even better, family duvet time on the floor. Cuddling is such a simple thing to do, and really makes me feel loved and a part of something special.


I’m very much an introvert, but get me?chatting?one-on-one with someone who I get on with and you can’t shut me up (so I’ve been told). If I’m chatting about work or formal things, I prefer things in writing so I don’t forget what has been said and can refer back to it if I need to. ?I also enjoy chatting via messenger apps and online as it gives me time to think about what I want to say. I’m also a reflector too, which is probably why I prefer this style of communication.

I came across this Link Up Party by Sheryl from?A Chronic Voice on Twitter. I took part in the June and July Link Up Parties and thoroughly enjoyed this creative way of writing. The idea is that you use the prompts to write your blog post. Read Sheryl’s post for the full details.

Sheryl shares some amazing stories on her blog, and is a great support for other bloggers and writers who have a chronic illness and/or chronic pain.

If you have a chronic illness or chronic pain why don’t you take part too?

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4 thoughts on “August Link Up Party with A Chronic Voice

  1. Jennifer says:

    I loved this post! I also like to sit at the back of cafes as it makes me feel more comfortable and I am always more chatty one to one as well. It was really nice to read this.

  2. Sheryl says:

    Thanks for your kind words Alice, and I?m really happy you enjoy doing them! πŸ™‚ Always fun reading your entries, and agree on the safety of home! I too tend to start many projects but struggle to finish them (an Aries thing? ;)). I still need to get round to sending you your interview questions for one, heh. Wishing you a happy rest of the month!

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