A skill I want to learn

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Well my first week of Blogtober is complete. Getting organised with my posts has been vital and I’m grateful for all the likes and comments I’ve had, so thank you. This second week begins with my day 8 post and is about a skill I want to learn.

My Blogtober prompts list

I would love to learn to play the drums. I’ve always wanted to but have never had the opportunity. We only had one drum kit at my high school, and despite showing an interest, I was not allowed to have lessons.

This isn’t the only reason why I’ve never learned this skill:

  • It’s a huge piece of kit to store at home
  • It’s loud – and annoying for others
  • It’s expensive.

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I had considered getting an electronic drum kit so I could store it easier and also use headphones so as to not annoy my family, but it just wouldn’t be the same.

Maybe one day I’ll have enough room and money to get the proper thing.

What skill do you want to learn? And what one thing can you do now to start to learn?



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4 thoughts on “A skill I want to learn

  1. Ellen Best says:

    A friend and I challenge eachother with a workshop or course, to experience something new or learn a new skill. At this moment we are learning improv. Last Friday I was a Samori executioner. I lobbed the head from Romeo’s shoulders while she, Juliet; sobbed in the balcony. I held the imaginary head aloft roaring in false Japanese and finished with a Spike Milligan song. The course is in four seasonal parts we completed Summer the Autumnal phase we are in now and after the new year we aparently ( maybe) perform before friends and family. Its not drums but its bloody good fun.

    • Alice says:

      Oh wow – how exciting. It’s good to be challenged and learn new things. I love that you and your friend do this together. It’s good to have that support. How do you feel about performing in front of friends and family?

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