A few of my favourite things that are helping me right now

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We are all coping differently right now. It’s a real challenging time and we’ve all had to adapt our lives to this coronavirus situation in some way or another. For me, the staying at home rule hasn’t affected me that much as I spend a lot of time at home anyway, and I like it. But I have bought myself a few new products lately that are helping me, and here are a few of my favourite things.

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One of my favourite things for exercise

Before lockdown I used to go for a daily walk of at least 30 minutes. I’d pop my headphones on and spend some time walking and thinking, listening to a podcast, and more often than not I’d come up with some fab new ideas for my blog.

At the moment, my daily exercise is generally walking my two dogs with my other half, and the speed that Westies walk can’t really be classed as exercise. So instead, I wanted to do something ay home that felt like exercise, but that was enjoyable and motivating, something to challenge me and a new skill to learn.

I somehow came across the boxing reflex ball on Amazon, and after a bit of umming and ahhing (I’ve no idea if that is spelt right) I decided to buy it. And I’ve absolutely no regrets whatsoever.

It took a bit of getting used – I had to watch a few YouTube videos to learn what to do and help me get the hang of it – to but it is so much fun. And it’s a great stress reliever. A good 5 or 10 minutes of doing this makes me feel like I’ve achieved something, I’ve burned a few extra calories, and each time I do it I can feel myself getting better at it.

One of my favourite things for my anxiety

My anxiety has been so up and down over the last few weeks. Some days I am absolutely fine; others, I am so anxious to even leave the house. My mind generally catastrophises about the worst case scenario and if I don’t stop the whirring of thoughts, then I get all panicky.

I have recently bought the Go2 Inhaler B. Calm Stick that I can keep in my pocket and inhale when needed. I’ve only been using it a few weeks, but I think it is helping. It has a pleasant smell and I love the fact that I can take it anywhere with me and use it discretely. It was pretty cheap too.

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A few of my favourite things to feel organised

I just love being organised. I always use my weekly Moleskine diary to plan my days and my week, but I wanted something specific to use for my blog work so I bought the Lux Productivity Planner which does the job perfectly. It’s fun to use, smart looking, and I can personalise it to make it work for me.

I also bought some accessories to go with it – some refillable note pages, divider cards and plastic pouches, and the most wonderful pack of stickers to make my planner colourful and for reminders and tasks to stand out.

My Lux Productivity Planner that I use when doing my blog work

A few favourite things to keep my mind busy

The last thing I want to do is overthink about this lockdown and the what ifs of this whole coronavirus situation. That is when my anxiety can strike and instead I need to stop it by doing something else.

I’ve often talked on my blog about distraction and how it helps manage chronic pain. Well, distraction can also help in any situation when you need to stop over thinking or do something to keep your mind busy.

I love reading, watching Netflix, and listening to Podcasts.

Recent books I’ve read

Just Off For A Walk and High and Low: How I Hiked Away From Depression Across Scotland: Because I’m not doing my usual walking at the moment, I wanted to enjoy the countryside by reading about it. I’ve read these two books, and at the same time I Googled some of the places they take about. It was entertainment, education, and the feeling-of-being-outdoors-but-not, all at the same time.

Both books are available to read for free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.

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TV shows

Like so many other people, me and my partner get hooked on Netflix shows and spend most of our evenings staring at the TV. But I find this is a nice relaxing time before bed, and it helps me switch off. Some programmes I’ve recently enjoyed are:

  • The Tiger King (Netflix) – very surreal
  • After Life series 2 (Netflix) – both funny and emotional
  • Killing Eve series 3 (BBC) – still ongoing! – I don’t get it but I love it


I am really missing listening to my podcasts on a walk – instead I am enjoying quality time with my family, and this is more important to me right now. I always learn from podcasts, and again they’re a useful way to help me switch off. Occasionally I have been listening to them while in the bath, or just resting and needed some distraction.

Two episodes that I recommend are from Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast: with Joe Wicks and Ricky Gervais.

One of my favourite little luxuries

I’m always trying to see the positives and am often grateful for the little things. Right now the small stuff matters more than ever.

One of what I’m calling my little luxuries is enjoying Oatly milk in my coffee, which you may have seen in my Morning Coffee Thoughts over on my Instagram page.

I love going out for a coffee, but obviously we can’t do that right now. So, instead I make my coffee at home as enjoyable as I can. And it’s even more enjoyable in my favourite handmade mug.

My favourite Oalty milk and homemade mug

What is helping you right now?

I’d love to know! Share in the comments below ๐Ÿ˜Š

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2 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things that are helping me right now

  1. Despite Pain says:

    Killing Eve!! We have last nights episode recorded to watch tonight. I love it.

    I think it’s so important right now to have things we enjoy. We need every little bit of positivity in our lives, don’t we? I’m finding it difficult at times to focus on things properly, so I am doing lots of puzzles and quizzes just to take my mind off other things.

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