5 ways blogging is helping me

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I’ve always been quite a closed book about certain things in my life, but with my blog I’m being totally open, honest and authentic about my chronic pain and how it affects me. One of my goals with blogging is to help others, but I am actually finding it is really helping me too. Here’s why…

5 ways blogging is helping me

Writing down my thoughts and feelings

I’m still fairly new to blogging so I haven’t got a huge archive of posts yet, but the majority of them so far have been triggered and inspired by specific things or events from my week. Whether it’s something positive or negative, then blogging about it is a way of getting thoughts, feelings and ideas out of my head and on to paper (well, my screen). It’s almost therapeutic and a bit like writing a journal.

Accepting my situation

I’ve had chronic pain for over 5 years now and have pretty much accepted that I am (reluctantly) in this for the long haul. Having this mindset is the first step to learning to cope with chronic pain and getting the best of out life that you can possibly can (see my blog post 10 ways to cope with chronic pain). I’m finding that my blogging is helping me go a little further with this. Sometimes it is all too easy to block things out and try and ignore them. Ok, you can’t ignore chronic pain, but you can ignore the impact it is having and how it is making you feel. A bit like if you don’t talk about it, it isn’t real. Blogging is really helping me accept things more than ever, and really getting me to question how I am feeling about stuff and encouraging me to think differently wherever I can.

Connect with others

Through my blogging I have been able to connect with others who understand my pain, and who have similar life struggles that I have. This is a very powerful thing; just knowing someone else ‘gets it’ is really supportive and doesn’t make you feel as alone. I’ve also connected with some very supportive and encouraging non-chronic pain lifestyle bloggers who have given me some general blogging advice and tips.

Know I’m helping others

I’m keen to learn all about blogging and to make my blog a real success. A big part of this is getting feedback on my posts. I’ve had some really positive and encouraging comments lately about how my blog posts are helping others. This is fantastic news for me and I am always so delighted to read such comments. I don’t call myself an expert but I have some experience of life with chronic pain, and just being able to share this through my blog and inspire others is really exciting for me.

Something I can do and stay productive whilst lying down

As part of my pain management I spend a lot of my time lying down. This naturally makes me feel tired, and sometimes I have to give in to this and just sleep – chronic pain is incredibly draining so this is a common symptom of dealing with daily pain. But other times I get frustrated and want to do things to keep me busy. My blogging work is an ideal thing to do on my phone when lying down. I can write draft blog posts, read other blogs, do some research, and read my Kindle books. So as much as I have to give in to my pain and lie down, at least I can be productive and keep learning and achieving

If you are a chronic pain blogger, I’d love to hear how blogging is helping you.

I’m also looking for guest bloggers to post on my blog in the future. If you’re interested, please get in touch.

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10 thoughts on “5 ways blogging is helping me

  1. Suz says:

    Yes, living with chronic pain is very hard. Even for those who live with people with it. Pain is such an individual thing in that pain thresholds are so varied. There are many out there that can relate to your situation, which is sad and great at the same time. All the best!

  2. Claire says:

    You already know that I am with you all the way here! Great post that I’ve scheduled to PainPals facebook page and shared, pinned to various group boards etc! C x

  3. Parul Thakur says:

    I like that you found blogging as a positive way to engage yourself. When I started blogging close to 5 years ago, I was on a bed rest due to severe back issues. I was on the verge of a surgery but the bed rest helped me get through it. My first post was a picture showing that I love to cycle. Which is what I was missing due to pain. So your post hit home this side.

    • Alice says:

      Thanks for sharing Parul. Blogging is certainly a good way to turn something negative into a positive. I hope your back pain has improved for you.

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