5 Types Of Books You Should Read This Summer

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When you?re a reader, it?s safe to say that you?re always going to have a huge list of books to read. You may even have a to-read pile that?s just ridiculously huge. So it?s kind of likely that you won?t really need any book recommendations. But, maybe you?re just so overwhelmed by the books that you do have to read, that you don?t know which ones to read first? Or maybe you just want to try something different, and you don?t know what. Perhaps you aren?t really a huge bookworm, but you do like to read when you?re on holiday, and you want to know what kind of book to pick up next. Well, then this list is for you. Here are the five different kinds of books that you could aim to read this summer.

A Classic

First up, there?s the idea of a classic. If you know that you love to read books that are world-renowned, then it’s? time to pick up a classic. Maybe you already love classics? But there?s definitely going to be one out there that you haven?t already read! Even if you?ve found it hard to get into them before, you can easily change that! This list of classics that everyone should read in their lifetime has plenty to choose from. You may find that some are already on your to-read list!

A Thriller

Next up, you may want to think about going with a thriller. Because we all love a good thriller! When you?re on holiday, nothing quite beats a page turner! Or even if you?re looking for something really incredible to get into, a thriller is always going to give you that. So take a look through your collection or scan the bestseller shelves for something addictive!


A Crime Novel

If you?re done on the thriller novel front, then you might want to pick up a crime novel instead. Technically, a crime novel and a thriller could be one in the same. But not all crime novels are thrillers – right? So why not opt for something detective based? Or maybe even an espionage novel? Something that keeps you hooked could be what you need.

A Childhood Favorite

And if you really feel like shaking things up, you could go old-school and pick up one of your favorite books from your childhood. With authors like Daniel Handler (known as Lemony Snicket to most of us) having their books turned into TV shows, now?s the time to get a refresher too. So why not go back through your archives and see what would be great to re-read.

A Bestseller

Finally, you may also want to see what?s hitting the summer bestseller list right now. When you?re looking for a read for the weekend or to take on a break with you, you should find that there?s something on the fiction book chart that peaks your interest. A lot of the time, you will find that there?s something really great or that?s a little different for you to consider. And this can be exactly what you need from a book right now.


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One thought on “5 Types Of Books You Should Read This Summer

  1. Rachael Stray says:

    I’m really into crime thrillers at the moment. I do love a good rom com chick-lit for when I’m on my holiday’s. I recently re-bought some of my favourite teen books too.

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