4 things that would help me cope better with my coccyx/tailbone pain

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First of all, I don’t have a coccyx (also known as a tailbone). I had mine removed in 2015 to see if it would get rid of my sitting pain. It didn’t. I still have the pain exactly the same as it was when I had a coccyx. I’ve learned to cope better over the last 4 years since my coccygectomy surgery, but things are still tough and very painful. I’ve been thinking lately about more I can do to help myself, and I’ve come up with 4 things that would help me cope better with my coccyx (tailbone) pain.

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1. A foldable coccyx cut-out cushion

I still struggle to use my coccyx cut-out cushion when I go out. It’s embarrassing, bulky, and so awkward to carry. It doesn’t take the pain away completely, which is another reason why I don’t aways use it when I’m away from the house. But it can help me get a little comfier and sometimes stops my pain kicking in as quick.

What I need instead, and what would be less embarrassing, less bulky, easier to carry and take out and about with me, is a suitably designed coccyx cut-out cushion that is foldable. Something I can hide away in my bag in between using it and makes me feel much more at ease using it in public.

2. A lie-down desk

Now I didn’t think this actually exactly existed, but it does. At a price! (I am not affiliated with this company in any way – I wish I was!). I saw it on my Facebook newsfeed one day, and was like “wow, I need one of those” but it’s completely out of my price-range.

It would be the perfect desk set-up for me, as long as it had a coccyx cut-out bit in the chair. I could lie-down to work, do my blog stuff, and get comfy watching Netflix, TV, and films. I’d still have to mix it up between sitting, standing, and lying down, as being in one position too long causes not only my coccyx pain, but pain elsewhere (neck, shoulder, and now thighs). But this would mean that I’d be much comfier, in less pain, and could manage my pain far better than what I do now.

The Signature Artwork station lie-won desk - ideal for anyone with coccyx pain
The Signature Artwork Station

3. A suitable garden seat

I love being outside. It does wonders for my wellbeing and I’m learning more and more about the positive impacts of the outdoors and nature and how it can improve our health, sleep, and stress levels.

I can never get comfy though. Every seat or lounger I’ve tried is either too painful, too hard, too uncomfortable, or hard work. I’m constantly changing positions or leaning to one side, which always makes my neck and shoulder pain worse.

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I am yet to come across the perfect garden seat. They’re not designed for people with coccyx pain, and even when I use my cushion, I still struggle with the pain. It’s really frustrating, but at least it encourages me to keep moving and not lie or settle in the same place for hours. Every cloud.

4. A bigger stand up table for the garden

As well as relaxing outside, I also like to work in my garden too. I have a tall table which is like a round bar table, but I could do with something that is bigger but still practical.

I’d like enough room for my laptop, some papers, and a drink. These don’t seem to exist though. Or if they do, again they are at a price and don’t fold up to be easily stored away.

Your thoughts

Do you suffer from sitting, tailbone or coccyx pain?

What would help you cope better?

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9 thoughts on “4 things that would help me cope better with my coccyx/tailbone pain

  1. gemmaorton says:

    Since having my spinal rods I get a lot of this pain. When sitting I’m ok as have a cushion where I can mould a hole at the back. But laying on my back I find unbearable for more than 20 minutes.

  2. Despite Pain says:

    I have a folding desk which has adjustable legs. Wonder if something similar would help you. You can lie flat, on your side, reclined in a chair etc. You can adjust both sides to whatever height and angle you want. I’ve always been worried that my laptop would fall off, but I’m sure there’s a way round that, even if it means sticking it on with blue tack.

  3. Invisibly Me says:

    That ‘artwork’ lying down desk is amazing, though it oddly reminds me of a chair in the dentist. Wouldn’t need to top back bit for a screen if you’re using a laptop so perhaps you could ask for one without that and see if you could get a discount 😂Coccyx pain is no joke. I’ve also got hip & lower back pain issues so all of this applies, and lying down all day is par for the course these days. Excellent suggestions!
    Caz xx

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