31 Days of Expressive Writing for Chronic Illness and Pain

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I’m intrigued by chronic pain courses. How can courses promoting to help you cope better with your chronic pain, really help you as an individual when everyone experiences pain differently? I decided to give the 31 Days of Expressive Writing for Chronic Illness and Pain by Life in Slow Motion to see if it would help me think any differently and cope better with my pain.

I received free access to this course from Esther at Life in Slow Motion so that I could write my honest thoughts and opinions in this review.

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What I like about the course

The format of the course is professional, clear, and it is broken down in to topics. In total there are 41 lessons, and each lesson doesn’t includes lots of information. I like this, as it means you can work through the course at your own pace and not feel you have to spend lots of time completing a section if you’re not up to it; yet you still feel like you’re progressing. The questions in each chapter and section really get you to think, and if nothing else, they can be a good way to distract yourself from your pain.

Esther explains that this course is based on her own practical experiences. A lot of this made sense to me, so it reassured me that doing this course was a good thing. Writing is beneficial for both mental and physical health benefits, and I know from my own blogging that this has really benefitted me.

I liked the three possible schedule options. This is really useful and means there is no pressure and is about going at your own pace, which is essential for someone with chronic pain or illness.

The course is a mix of videos, text and PDFs. It’s good to have the videos at the beginning so you you feel you get to know Esther a little before you get going.

At $39.00 (about £30.00) it is reasonably priced and is the cheapest of Esther’s 3 courses. Before signing up you can trial the introduction section for free to see if it’s for you. And once signed up, you have access to the material indefinitely.

The weekly update reminder emails are good to encourage you to keep going and include the percentage of how much the course you’ve completed.

I love that gratitude is mentioned in the Strength, Joy and Hope section. I write about this every week, and it really hopes me shift my perspective and focus on the positives.

What I don’t like about the course

Section 4: Your Faith wasn’t really relevant for me, as I’m not religious. I skipped through this section but I can see how it would benefit someone who does have a faith and believes in God though.

I would’ve liked more videos throughout the course to mix it up a little, but I can see why text and PDFs were used as it was a better way to engage with the audience.


A really enjoyable course that gives a different focus to thinking about, managing, and coping with your pain. It’s value for money, easy to use, and challenges you in a positive way.

Esther also provided excellent customer service and was very efficient at answering any questions I had about the course.

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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Expressive Writing for Chronic Illness and Pain

  1. tessag says:

    I took this course too, and I loved it. I think the faith and spirituality sections could be relevant to anyone regardless of any religious beliefs, as they help you explore these ideas.

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