What I?m grateful for this week #FridayFive

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I was inspired by the blog Milly’s Guide to do a regular #FridayFive gratitude blog post of my own. Focusing on what we are grateful for and the positives of our week can lead to better wellbeing, happiness, and can really change our outlook on things.

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When you have chronic pain it is extremely important to focus on the positives and the things you are grateful for. Dwelling on the negatives and the things you can?t control can add to your anxiety and stress, and make it even harder to manage your pain. Practicing gratitude is a simple way to try and change your mindset and it easily becomes a habit the more you do it.

Here are 5 of the things I am grateful for this week:

  1. I am grateful for joining Chronic Illness Bloggers. I?m excited about connecting with and learning from others who have chronic pain, and I am hoping I can share my blog posts with a wider audience.

  2. I?m grateful for a weekend with my family. I don?t often get to spend time with my mum, dad, brother and sister-in-law at the same time; it happens two or three times a year at the most. The Bank Holiday weekend was an ideal opportunity for us to get together and catch up properly.

  3. I?m grateful for a hot sunny Bank Holiday weekend – this doesn?t happen often either! It meant lots of walking and time in the garden reading my Kindle.

  4. I am so grateful and proud to have my partner. She got a new job this week. I knew she could do it and I know she will be brilliant at it.

  5. I?m grateful to have Netflix and to watch films like Charged: The Story of Eduardo Garcia. What an amazing man – to get through everything he has had to face over the years is inspirational. If you haven?t seen it and you have access to Netflix, make sure you watch it.

What are you grateful for this week?

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