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11 tips to help you get started as a blogger

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The world of blogging is huge. It can be quite daunting, especially knowing what you should be doing before you publish your first post. If you are considering becoming a full time blogger then it’s good to get some of the basics in place first. Here are my top 11 tips to help you get started as a new blogger.

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1. Don’t try and learn everything at once

There is so much you can learn about blogging and everyone has different advice and thoughts on the best way to do things. Do some research and consider doing an online course to help you have a broad overview of what blogging is and how to get set up.

2. Find a good web host

I use SiteGround. I find them reasonably priced, easy to use, and their customer service is brilliant. I’m certainly not very knowledgeable with web site design and the jargon is very confusing. But I trust SiteGround to solve my problems and queries and answer any stupid questions that I have, and they do so in a very timely way; I’m not waiting long at all for my issues to be fixed.

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3. Write at least 10 posts before you publish your blog

Having a good number of posts ready will give you some breathing space and give you more time to write better quality posts. You don’t have to stick to publishing all these posts first, but it will certainly help having these posts ready. Get posts ready and schedule them for later – get ahead of yourself and it will be so much easier.

4. Research your niche

Spend some time doing some research and look at other similar bloygsto your chosen topic. Ultimately you should be aiming to write 80% on topic and 20% experimental and off-topic posts. This research will also really help you write some good pre-launch blog posts.

5. Be organised with your passwords

I had no idea how many passwords I would need for all my blog-related accounts – web host, WordPress, web page mailbox, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, the list goes on. Be as organised as you can with these, otherwise you will get really frustrated like I did and everything takes twice as long when you can’t remember your password.

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6. Write down future blog ideas

No matter how small or underdeveloped an idea, just write anything down; on a notepad, on your smartphone, or a in dedicated blogging ideas book. I find that ideas pop into my head when I least expect them to, and if I don’t write them down I easily forget them. Having a thorough list of ideas will help you plan future posts and stay in control of your blog schedule.

7. Progression over perfection

I wanted everything to be 100% perfect before I launched my blog and published my first post. It’s more important to focus on progression over perfection. My blog posts are never perfect, but the fact that I am posting them is me progressing with my blog.

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8. Do a little each day or as often as you can

This is linked to the above. If you do a little each day, then this will all help you build your blog and ultimately your blog traffic, views and stats.

9. Focus on 2 or 3 social media platforms

It’s easy to think that setting up an account for every social media platform is the answer, but managing these all takes time. Instead, focus on the 2 or 3 that you prefer and focus on these.

10. Let your audience get to know you

Don’t be afraid of this. Blogging means that you often write some very personal stuff. I am often reluctant to press that publish button and share some of my most private stories and experiences. I’ve written about crying at a treatment session, my anxiety, even how I struggle to socialise with my pain.

These are often the posts where I have received good feedback as people relate to my situation and praise me for speaking out about it. They have also created the most engagement and to my surprise, generated lots of support which made me feel much better and not alone.

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11. Know your options if you want to become a full time blogger

It can take a while to earn good money from blogging. There are lots of options and ways to earn money, but they won’t all be right for you. Again, do your research and make sure you understand what each of the options are before you commit to anything,

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What tips surprises you the most?

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