Welcome to Notebooks and Glasses! Thank you for popping by and learning more about me and my blog.

Who am I?

I’m Alice (Ali) and this is my first professional blog.

I live in the north west of England with my partner and my two Westies Milo and Wesley.

What do I do?

I work full time, Monday to Friday and write my blog in my spare time.

What is my blog about?

I have a sitting disability which is caused by chronic lower back pain. I write about my thoughts and observations on my life with chronic pain. I also have endometriosis, IBS and a hiatus hernia. The pain from these conditions is much less than my back pain, but I will be writing about these too.

Why have I called my blog Notebooks and Glasses?

The title of my blog is a type of metaphor, but it also ties in with my belief that my pain should not be the focus of my life. I didn’t want anything related to the words chronic pain in my blog title.

Who is my blog for?

My blog is aimed at people with chronic pain and those who want to learn more about someone living with chronic pain, but anyone can read it and hopefully learn from it.

How can I solve your problems?

I’m not sure I can. But what I hope to do is share some of my experiences, and tips and advice about living with chronic pain.

Although it may feel like it in the beginning, life doesn’t stop when you have chronic pain. I want to write this blog to share things and hopefully inspire others to continue doing the things they enjoy.

My first blog post details what I will be blogging about, but the main themes will be around:

  • what I know and have learnt about chronic pain
  • staying positive and my everyday thoughts
  • my interests – food and drink, health and exercise, to name a few.

What should you do next?

Have a look at my blogs posts and see what you think. You may agree or disagree with some of the things I write about, and this is ok. Everybody’s chronic pain journey is different. Feel free to comment or get in touch to share some of your own ideas.

When are my blog posts published? 

At the moment I will be publishing one blog a week, on a Sunday.

My top 3 popular posts

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